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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    about 7 years.

  2. What does your username mean?
    not sure? it was a word i made up when i first joined an online forum. i've been telling myself that it comes from the moon Deimos' name and it's what i'd call a person from there, so i guess there's that.

  3. Describe yourself in three words.
    fuelled by anxiety.

  4. Are you left or right handed?
    very right handed, i can't even mix a bowl with my left hand.

  5. What was your first deviation?
    it's not on here anymore, i think? i can't find it anyway, but this one is the oldest that's in my featured, does that count?

    Error by Deimonian

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    drawn art, digital or otherwise, i really like cel shading my stuff, i think it looks neat and it's fun, albeit a bit time-consuming because of my bad work flow.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    i really like the look of semi-realistic painting but not sure i'd want to do that style myself.

  8. What was your first favourite?
    no clue, i don't think it exist anymore :P

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    any kind of art really, things that impress me, things which concept i like no matter the execution, things that contain butterflies, fanart of things i like and pretty use of colours.

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    don't make me choose, that's just mean :/

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    none, i'd have a heart attack and it would be embarrassing and then they'd think i'm weird.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    not just one deviant but a bunch, i'd say, i've learned to use my dome piece properly(er), learned to take critique a bit better, think critically about stuff in general, do my best to not be a dick, etc.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    i like to draw both digitally and traditionally, though, i prefer digital because mistakes are easier to correct, sometimes.. when i draw on the correct layer.. i prefer writing on a computer :P

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    physically? no where outside, i just found out i have grass allergies. for inspiration i like to look at other people's art or writing, or just play video games with my friends, something always comes up that is worth getting down on paper :)

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    my favourite memory is that my memory is terrible.


it's over! hooray! and my computer has risen from the grave! yay!

i don't have anything else relevant to say! wooo?
my computer got ded, so there won't be any digital drawings, including RV, for a week or two. this annoys me greatly.  
*cross post from my tumblr*
  • be less terrified of completing my art
  • get buff (optional: and laugh at guys who are insecure about their masculinity)
  • make a short silly rpg game
  • remember to drink water regularly
  • get ready for secret launch over at
  • build up more courage to stand up for other people, myself and what i believe in
  • if safe, slowly reveal who i feel i really am
  • be a better person

bracing for disaster but hoping for the best.

be safe, wear your safety goggles and see you in the new year.

i got a new tablet this Thursday because my old one is pretty beat up, so why not take an extra step and get a tablet monitor, because fancy. it was actually something i wished for christmas but they were sold out :P 

so, a Yiynova MSP19U+, ugly name, at least 4 times cheaper than a Cintiq and it should be average/good enough. great! i got it opened yesterday (i couldn't be arsed to do it right away), looked at the shiny glass, read the manual because they exist to be read and began setting things up. now, i already have dual monitors, so i thought 'hey i'll just use it as a third monitor!', haha, nope, because my graphics card only supports 2 which is my fault for being a dummy and buying the card just below the one that can support 3. whatever, i thought, i'll just throw out my old monitor, it sucks anyway. i get it working after wrestling with the remains of the Wacom drivers and the old as mould msp19+ drivers, awesome. i couldn't use the tablet monitor with GIMP 2.8.10, despite trying to work around it which caused my blood to boil at least 4 times, so i had to revert back to 2.6.11 which sucks because that means all my templates and custom brushes won't work anymore, oh well, it works at least and i can remake my stuff in 2.6.11. 

drawing with it is, different. getting used to it was like 5 minutes, though. only downside, for me personally, is that i have to draw with my arm, not my wrist (which is dumb) like i did with my tiny tablet, and my arms are noodles so i get tired holding my arm up slightly really fast. another thing with GIMP is that i can't get pressure to work, it can be 'simulated' inside GIMP, not optimal but it'll do until the GIMP team works on a solution, it's not the tablet's fault because pressure sensitivity works just fine in ArtRage. everything is great, i went off to bed, turning off my computer with the tablet monitor plugged in because why not, i'm going to use it all the time anyway.

next day (today), turning on my computer, it doesn't work. WHAT. somehow my computer thinks that the tablet is one giant track pad, i can drag the cursor around on both monitors and the cursor doesn't stick to the pen. okay, don't panic, i'll fix it, i thought. unplugged/replugged the USB, no difference. unplugged/replugged vga/dvi, no difference. reset the tablet monitor settings, no difference. flipped some tables because i was running out of ideas. had a few aneurysms and a cry. rebooted computer with and without it plugged in, no difference, again. google wasn't helpful at all, though a bunch of people agreed that the provided drivers were pretty shit. fine, removed the drivers and reinstalled them. mapped the pen to the tablet monitor after reboot, and holy shit it works again. WHAT.

at least i know to just reinstall the drivers next time instead of going through all that horse hockey. i'm afraid it'll happen again once i turn off my computer for the day though, i guess i'l just have to not turn it of, EVER AGAIN. so yeah, that was an adventure.

drawings and crap are probably going to look pretty weird for a while.
INTERNET, we finally have it! we called our provider three times, no one knew what was wrong and they said they'd come back to us; they didn't. so i wrote a mildly worded email to them, next day; BAM, got a response saying that he made an order for us and it should work within a few hours, and guess what; it did.

the problem with my tower not being big enough for my wireless card, which i've never mentioned here before but now you know, was solved by buying a USB stick that could handle that, yay! and without losing any noticeable speed, so i have a 40/40 connection, wooo! think of all the game patches i can make at the same time now! 

we almost have everything we need in the apartment, except curtains, which i really, really need because the evil day star is disrupting my monitors and giving me a strange UV disease that darkens my skin, now i just need to get crappy job so we can live.

since the move, well, a bit after the move really, i've found myself sneezing a lot less (awesome!) and feeling a lot better in general despite the ohgodohgodineedajobsowewontstarve.

and with internet back; mediocre drawings return (tomorrow! or today depending on your time zone)! NYR'13 returns as well as RV. i also have a lot to catch up to, though, i've decided to drop a few news site because all that was doing for me, was making me horribly sad, so i'm dropping some information about the world news in favour of not feeling like crap, thought that sounded reasonable, you know, not feeling like crap. 

NYR'13 will NOT 'continue' from where it left but will continue the day count as if days were not missing, BECAUSE:


rules of engagement:
:bulletblue: find a +1 year old bigger drawing (detailed portrait, a really nice landscape drawing or literally just a giant drawing i never finished)
:bulletblue: on day 1 present the subject
:bulletblue: the next 6 days redraw or finish it
:bulletblue: post an update each day that shows hopefully significant changes/improvements
:bulletblue: on day 7 it should be done
:bulletblue: if done before day 7; no such thing, keep drawing on it
:bulletblue: repeat 4 times to make up for the 4 weeks of no internet

NYR'13 will be running along side the challenge, and RV of course, whilst doing housework, attempting to nail down a crappy job and working on my baby (not literally a baby, you know what i mean), i think seven days to draw something totally amazeballs (well, better at least when only having a few hours to draw it) is reasonable.

you know, not having internet and not feeling obligated to constantly check the news or whatever, gave me a lot of time to develop my project, just doing what i wanted, it was freeing, i really needed that vacation. oh well, BACK TO WORK :lol:
well, here we are on week 3, soon 4, and the internet that is supposed to exist in this apartment is still non-existent. the internet provider here has received a few calls, and no one knows why we don't have any internet. what's better is; we just got our first bill, WHICH INCLUDES THE INTERNET BILL, and how are we supposed to pay it? we can't transfer money, because LOL internets. we can't pay cash, because LOL internets, then our bank accounts will end up in negative numbers because we can't transfer money from our other accounts. WTF. and we can't transfer money from the library's internet, because you cannot be fucking serious.

i'm using some data on my phone right now to send this, but i can't do much else from here, java and flash, which my bank and union utilizes, isn't supported on my phone, so that's fun.

we'll start flipping tables in our internet provider's general direction tomorrow, because working on week days 4 hours a day is too hard and they take the weekend off.

so, again, i'll extend the hiatus another week. that's 4 weeks in total now. i am upset. the challenge i'm setting up for my self, for making up for missing so many NYR'13 drawings, is getting increasingly tougher for each week, not sure if good or bad.

there are no goats.
greetings to the three people who read this!

i've finally moved to my dwelling place and it's amazeballs. i'd show, but the guys over at the country's register has not yet registered that my room mate lives here, and that's what our apartment union thing i can't translate that properly, uses to know if they should give us internet. my room mate is the 'master signer' of our contract, so even though they know i live there, they need to know he does as well before giving us what we're paying for. right now i'm on a borrowed connection but for obvious reasons i can't keep doing that, so hopefully we'll get it soon.

we still need to get a bunch of stuff done, like buying a can opener and curtains, and maybe a broom. good news is we are not poor yet, bad news is that wont last long. maybe if i brush up on my traditional art i can sell silly portraits for a 10'er on the shopping street down town until someone will give me a chance to prove that i'm not as useless as i look like/ until someone realizes the economy crisis is at it's lowest point now and will only go up from here and should start spending money on employers and cleaning staff.

because of the internet situation, if i'm not uploading crap on Monday, the hiatus is extended another week, to the 29th, in case the guys over at the register is going to take their time like with everything else.

i can't think of anything else to write. FISHES.

also i will use some my precious data to tweet once in a while, so there's that.
from today, July 8, i'm going on hiatus/vacation/rest & relaxation and will be back the 22nd in two weeks. 

because i'm moving to another city, exciting! i figure two weeks should be enough time to get everything done and to settle down. i'm moving in hopes of getting a job in this bigger and more central city so i can feed myself (i realize this has cost me a bunch of money but i kind of figured i'd be able to even it back out eventually), and to get in to a new and fresh environment and be my own person. if it doesn't work out, i'm fucked, so that's fun.

what happens to the NYR'13 project?
i'll still draw crap because i know i can't help myself, i wont be able to upload anything, though. can't just take a photo of it with my phone either, because deviantArt's mobile site is literally Hitler terrible bad lackluster. 

will you make up for missing 14 days of mediocre drawings?
yes! and i have an idea of how, but on the other hand i know nobody except me gives a shit and have better things to do, i'll figure something out that doesn't suck, i hope.

what about Random Volitations (and all that other stuff you can't settle on because you're terrible with managing your projects)?
that'll be on hold too. no one cares about RV except from my mom.

so there, i can't think of anything else for now. 

EDIT oh, and you can follow my mental breakdown in lack of meaningless interaction and news on my TWATTER

i'm sorry to take a break from cleaning out my messages (only 2,946 left!) but this requires it's own journal and a place in my profile.

so i was playing Tribes, happily blasting people off the ground with my Spinfuser, as i spot a Sentinel, read sniper, on an edge and i decide to go whack him. but this is the new map, Arx Novena, i think it was, DERP IT WAS THE TDM VERSION OF KATABATIC I'M STUPID, which i am hardly familiar with. now what i should have done was to hide between the rocks nearby and disced him in the ass while he wasn't looking. but i decide i will go for a frontal attack and let him shoot me in the face instead. so we had this small conversation after my retarded move;

deimonian was killed by Kavurma
Kavurma: slut
deimonian: that's not very nice ;D
Kavurma: that's how i feel
deimonian: you feel like slut?

that is all.

and so we lost the game because me and my pal (over skype) couldn't aim because of laughter. FIN.
i'm cleaning up 6,000+ messages, don't tell anyone.
together with all my work files, excuse me while i go die in a hole.
if my parents don't see me eat, then it must mean i don't eat at all DERP :dummy:

also, i don't get fat by being a lazy gamer so i have no motivation to exercise. i know it's not healthy to be as unfit as i am now, so any fantastic ideas on how to exercise without going outside for several hours? (i don't like outside, it's sunny and sometimes rainy and there's animals that will eat my face and stuff)

PS. i've been doing research on stuff and practising video making for a while and will continue doing so, so no crappy doodles for some time unless i decide to upload old crappy doodles :P
passing on the charity!

all you have to do is change your avatar to one of these avatars (in the journal linked), comment on the journal, wait for PurpelBlur to reply SPANKED! and you have magically given money to charity :dummy: then you can change your avatar back to your own :D

and that's it! simple as that!

the magical money goes to LUMOS (it was co-founded by JK Rowling that's why it's magical)

here's a heads up for people using linked in, apparently a new default setting has been implemented that allows our name and profile pictures to be used in their social advertising. this is not acceptable, here's how to deactivate it (copy/pasta):

1. Click on your name on your LinkedIn homepage (upper right corner). On the drop-down menu, select "Settings".

2. From the "Settings" page, select "Account*".

3. In the column next to "Account", click "Manage Social Advertising" .

4. De-select the box next to "LinkedIn may use my name, photo in social advertising" .

*UPDATE: After you finish with Account, check the new default settings under E-mail Preferences (such as Partner InMails); and Groups, Companies & Applications (such as Data Sharing with 3rd-party applications). It's a Facebook deja vu!


please pass it on if you know any one using linkedin.
i can't even write a proper job application, forever a bum.
i think with this, i can conclude that i will die alone in this world.
i will now proceed to my 'got dumped' ritual and pity myself whilst slowly becoming angsty and paranoid.

maybe i'll draw something awesome to cheer myself up, can't be an angsty btch when looking for a job.
my inbox is almost clean now, only 2 184 messages to go.

Move along please.