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Randomizer sketch 4 - Supernatural goat dragon



i got the prompt; draw a supernatural being, and i'm like, umm, okay, what is a supernatural being? a ghost? that's boring. a fairy or troll? they're from folklore and fairy tales, do they count as supernatural? i don't know. so i looked up supernatural beings and all i got was, like, just humans with shit attached to them or missing shit and sometimes they had different eye colours. so i made just made up this goat dragon thing, which is probably already a thing because nothing is original. i had a random colour palette which turned out super nice, go there, it's in beta and by the person/s who made ColorSchemeDesigner, it's like a new version of that.

also, how the fuck do you draw goats? i looked everywhere, i couldn't find any goat anatomy or anything, plenty stuff of sheep though, so i had to resort to Google Images to find something useful. a lot of effort was put into making the goat part look like a goat and then i remembered i wanted it to be covered in golden hair, so that was stupid. i tried making its horns look at least vaguely like markhor horns, because they are the best horns.

tried some new brushes as well, that was fun but now my wrist hurts, so we'll see if i can draw tomorrow :P

i'm alternating between this character attribute randomizer and this 'a bit of random everything'.
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