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Randomizer sketch 13 - Assassin-y bird man



holy crap the amount of time this has taken. i think two weeks but i guess that's mostly because i procrastinated drawing the thing because the amount of bricks and cobblestone turned me off. but i did it! i am the best at things! happy i decided to finish it, would have felt pretty bad about myself if i hadn't.

it was tempting just to put up the line art, but i went a bit overboard with the details, so the plain line art looked like a clusterfuck so there wasn't much of a choice. also instead of an actual bird person this time, i drew a man in pretty feathers because i think that's sufficiently bird-like. he was also supposed to be an assassin but then i realised that's a stupid outfit for that kind of work, so i guess he looks more like a fancy rogue.

i accidentally made two different perspectives in this so it looks a bit wonky. i can't colour darkness, so a dark blue filter over the thing will have to do, also, how the heck do you draw lightning dancing across the sky, it was supposed to be that but it just looks like a weird illuminated part of the sky here <.< there was supposed to be two guards at the wall patrolling with lamps but one light source is difficult enough for me, maybe next time.

attributes: medium, built, long tunic, bird-like, dual knives.

i'm alternating between this character attribute randomizer and this 'a bit of random everything'.
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