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Randomizer sketch 11 - Reptilian man with Tattoo



"my hand looks like it would fit perfectly in this mysterious, ancient device i should totally put my hand in there" and then he vaporised.

i realise i screwed up the light sources, there was supposed to be two, but i forgot halfway through and i don't know how to fix it without starting over :/ and i see that his left leg is screwed up too and oh no everything is wroooong D: there was actually more to this but i like that he is the only thing that stands out (and his torch off panel) from the structure.
also, i'm planning on doing backgrounds for once in future randomizer drawings so updates could take forever because aneurysms might occur. 

attributes: medium, short tunic, reptile, tattoo

i'm alternating between this character attribute randomizer and this 'a bit of random everything'.
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I just red the Vaporising part in your comantary up there c:
But The Picture is well drawn tho ^  ^