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NYR'13 day 7 - Tribes Ascend Infiltrator



day 7 of trying not to suck, i did something good today!

this took me all day, no seriously, from 10 to 18, that's 8 hours. i believe that is my limit because my wrist is not happy after this.

Diamond Sword Infiltrator with Knives, and Smoke Grenade, from Tribes Ascend. it was difficult for me to find references of an Infiltrator, so i mixed it up from what i got from memory and the Light Class concept art from the Tribes Ascend Media Kit, so most of the details are semi made up, but from existing assets.

while there's terrible anatomy things happening here, i think this is a success because the details i managed to get in is fucking awesome. now i need to learn how to do this faster and maybe not in a 5000x5000 px canvas next time.

first draft
second draft
searching for references
adding to second draft
blow canvas up by 300%
lineart (skipped third draft because i'm dumb)
searching for references
correcting lineart
covered some of the lineart with stupid smoke to cover stupid lineart
bucket fill flat colours
regret terrible bucket fill and colour properly (outline then bucket fill :lol:)
shrink canvas back to normal size
add smoke
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