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most excellent! `¬)
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Interesting 😌😁
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great artwork!
have a wonderful 2017!
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Clap great light and textures
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A nice way to relax!
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Inspirational as always!
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The material used for the skin is beautiful .. pose and chain evocative .. wonderful piece .. 
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Beautiful and particular
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Your Work Is Always So Captivating ! ! !

 Applaud fella (Reactions) 
BRAVO ! ! !
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Interesting poses and colors! :) (Smile) Clap 
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I adore the aesthetic side of your work, but why have they to be always so depressing? :-(
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thanx, what's so depressing in this one? :)
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Everything and everyone seems always rotting, rusting, bleeding, decaying. You create beautiful objects, but they always look as if they are rotting away... 
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Everything in this world is rotting, rusting, bleeding and decaying anyway. This should not depress you, but help you enjoy what you have now.
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Although beauty is fleeting, there is a moment when it is not fleeting, it is blooming. The fact that you cannot look at beauty without thinking of its end, is the depressing point, not the fact itself. It is as if while eating a delicious meal, you would remeber everubody that in two hours those food will all be just shit.
They will, but now they are not. And beauty, as long as it stays, is not shit.
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Beauty is an abstract meaning, like god, everybody sees him in his own way.
The same is life, although we, who live, have it, we don't live it in the same way.
Everything is fleeting, changing and moving, the same is the food.
Food is good and maybe beautiful mostly because you need it to survive, if you wouldn't need it probably you wouldn't look for beauty in it.
Coming back to my work, as I said, they (forms) might be decaying but they are still alive and moving and forming and symbolizing,
sometimes they might be depressing from the root, that is me or my inspiration but what they symbolize I don't think it's sad.
Anyway, my aim is not actually the beauty. Beauty is efemeral. It is a tool not the essence.
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