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September 17, 2011
Last kiss by ~deignis Suggester Statement: The detail of his work is amazing and it really haunted me since the first time i saw it. Something about the texture of it and the tones that's really intriguing.
Featured by KeremGo
Suggested by starlit-sky
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Last kiss

3d composition
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© 2011 - 2022 deignis
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Brilliant ! and the title is so much well chosen that it adds a dimension to your artwork. Sadness then appears, the way we look at these lovers then changes, emotion is here.
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Quite simply astonishing!
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just fantastic
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I've seen a million of bad edits of your artwork all over dA, specially this one. Nobody ever credits you or even acknowledges it's not 100% their original work. I wish that kind of thing was easier to report, perhaps dA should even auto-detect that kind of thing.
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I'm enchanted by your works. They are just fascinating!
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Fabulous art. Well worthy of a DD...
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Hey :wave:
Your picture was cropped and has been used in this article… without any credits.
I don't know if you agreed to this but i thought i should let you know. Have a good day!
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I just came across this piece in a feature and just so happen to be wearing my The Script sweatvest - with this image, more colorful, on the back :O
How totally awesome that you created the artwork for their album! Your art is totally awesome and very deserving of the DD you got :)
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omg !!! you are the creator of this famous image ???
i see it everywhere
it`s very beautiful
pullmonaria Lotus 
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Wonderfully cool; asked the question at GIMPChat as to how this could be done in the GIMP, but now, knowing it was done using a 3D program, probably not.    :)
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Wow, that is really cool!
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Touching... and brilliant.
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Very intimate and yet chilling, great piece!
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Wonderful concept and execution!
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This is fantastic!

My name is Greg, and I am the singer of an online band called "the collective"

I was wondering if I could feature this wonderful piece of art for our our band's latest song: drifting.

the lyrics go:

We’re gonna dim the lights in this hotel room

You bite your lip and seem to reveal a secret truth

An exposed pose, the sweat on your back fuels my fire

The touch of your fingertips and I’m getting higher


i feel so alive,

 Won’t you take me back inside

I feel so alive,

When in fact We’re about to die


Let tonight be the night

Of our final embrace,

We’re drifting away, my precious

 And it feels so right


A fever pitch with a  shift behind a closed door

A slip of a skirt, a dream that leaves me wanting more

You sexy liar, i really think you got the best of me

a township of eyes seem to know the way I make you scream


I feel so alive, won’t you take me back inside

I thought this picture fit perfectly...

if you alt-ish kinda rock, here is our song:…

We will remove your wonderful piece of art if you don't feel comfortable with it.

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