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Golden Boy

3d (semi) abstract
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wow so beautiful

regards bernd
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This is so interesting. Great work.
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i have never seen anything like this!!
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This is amazing!
i really love it!
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Reminds me of this work: [link]
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So delicate...Beautiful work! :sun:
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wow ! very nice work
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i love your work , it's a one of a kind and you are speaking so clear and soft , but at the same time you are saying it loud and with power !!!!!!!
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This has been Featured in my journal!

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I have never seen work like this before.

I've seen three dimensionally rendered work, but I've never seen abstract sculptural art rendered digitally. Really I've only seen digital media used to render and replicate the real world. And really, that's the whole point of computer graphics, to create the most realistic experience, and this body of work turns that on its head.

You're really recreating a movement in art that mirrors the departure from the classical era of realistic art... I'm sorry, I'm rambling.

This work, to me, plays a significant role in art history! This work in no way tries to deceive, it's not trying to deceive the way painting was once used to do. In the way that painters began make work that was meant to reflect it's 'paintingness' this is meant to reflect it's 'digitalness'... or digitality.

Love it!
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'the golden child' ... a very old myth reworked! :)
that would be breathtaking as a 3d print in gold... or evolving/moving/growing as 3d animation: a new way of religious imagery. churches (if any existing) in the future may feature that kind of (semi-abstract, maybe) icons and images and holy grails and shrouds :))
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This piece has been featured in #Digital-Art-Club's First feature of 2013
Check it out here [link]
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This is amazing! :DD
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very very good
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wonderful work, very original and expressive
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