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Where Do You Want to End Up?
"How did you feel about the 'I don't want to touch you' days of your relationship with Annalise?" Kalyani wrinkled her nose at the unexpected question. Tilting her head, she lifted her gaze up from the teapot, which poured the boiling water into the two cups. Hot steam rose into the air as the scent of lavender soon followed. "Why the question?" Kalyani, finger to her cheek, asked as she placed the metal pot down, in between them. "Oh um," Menachem coughed. His glove covered hands dragged the one cup to him. He blew to cool it off before taking any sips. "Just curious, is all." "Hmmm," Kalyani cooed, eyes fluttering in disarm. A smirk bef
Different Morning Ideas
"You sure you don't want to come to the gym with me?" "Hmm," Camilo groaned as he refused to opened one of his eyes. He surely must have dreamed that question, he thought, as Camilo currently laid in bed, snuggled up under the covers. Who would inquire such a thing so early in the day, he decided, since the last time he checked the clock it was only six in the morning. So he deigned to give this illusion anymore thought as he willed himself back to sleep. He recalled his last dream had something to do with food, maybe he could tap into that one again. "Balibte, did you hear me?" There it was again, louder this time. And with only one pers
“Alright, which one is next…” The question, barely audible as it left his lips, had been directed at no one but himself. Lysander Holliday always worked with the door shut, not to seem antisocial, but in order to maximize his work product. The chattering of his coworkers always proved terribly distracting, especially when certain government personalities viewed open doors as invitations to come dump their life stories onto any ear willing to listen. He wanted none of that today. Perhaps this isolation, whether good or bad, also contributed to his habit of muttering to himself; otherwise the hallow silence, the reminder of b
She's a Star
"Ayyyyy, I can really see you!" Rosalva's eyes shined in amazement as she leaned closer to the screen atop this device, this "communicator", her technology suave children set up earlier this week. It allowed one to not only talk to someone, but to see them, and now she had the chance to test it out for the first time. Rosalva came in so close her whole face took up the projection on the other side which connected to Camilo's house. This also gave her a perfect view of her baby boy and three year old Hadassah, who sat in daddy's lap and held onto a stuffed animal. "Wow, technology is amazing! I never thought I would be able to see who I am t
Come Home
"Hey I really hate to do this, especially at the last minute, but I'm going to have to cancel tonight." "Oh." Even over the telephone line, the disappointed drop in Camilo's voice proved apparent. Menachem then heard what sounded like a shift, before the former softly spoke up again. "Lots of emergencies or people not showing up?" "Bit of both. Three doctors called out so the rest are running around trying to pick up the slack, so you know what that means for us nurses," Menachem groaned as he pulled something sticky off of his blue scrubs. He had three ideas what kind of chemical that could be and each one brought up a wave of bad memories
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Can I Try? by Sakura-Araragi
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