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:iconhomerwoohooplz: Woot, I got it done!  I had some issues with a few of these guys, going through my mind's memory banks and using Google for not just pictures but ideas, but I got it done!  And now, my reasons:

:bulletblue: Something to Prove Villain: Gaara of the Sand (before befriending Naruto). Before Naruto literally knocked some sense into Gaara, this Jinchuriki had something to prove: that he was alive.  Being born prematurely and his mother dying from the stress of the birth (while making a promise to always protect him), he also had the One-Tailed Shukaku sealed within him.  Because of this, everyone feared him, even his siblings; all he wanted was a friend and to be loved like all the other kids.  But incidents of being unable to control his powers lead to a village-wide fear.  His uncle played a good façade pretending to care about him before revealing he never liked him, blaming him for his sister’s death.  After surviving an explosion with the help of the sand (later revealed to be his mother’s spirit), he tattooed the word for “love” on his forehead.  He had killed countless ninja and become so powerful that nothing could touch him, even Rock Lee who just barely managed to deal massive blows.  It wouldn’t be until he is hurt by Sasuke that Naruto is able to change him.

:bulletblue: Sadist: Envy.  It is stated and perhaps known that Envy is a sadist, taking pleasure in others’ pain.  In the manga, he was the sole reason for the Ishvalan War; in the 2003 anime, he’s simply setting things into place while making sure to keep his half-brothers alive long enough for the truth to be revealed.  In both, however, he is responsible for killing Maes Hughes.  Having the ability to shape-shift, Envy is perfect for any role, though he is mostly seen doing recon types with fighting being a second option.  He can also be a total smartass as well, and he is very hard to read making predicting his movements that much harder.

:bulletblue: Dangerous Idiot: Maximillion Pegasus.  Okay, this one was tough because I couldn’t think of too many “dangerous idiots”, even despite my mind’s vault having memories and knowledge of all kinds of villains over the years.  Especially with what I’ve chosen for the others, the competition’s high.  Pegasus finally came to mind when trying to Google “villains that are dangerous idiots”.  While he seems intelligent enough to organize a dueling tournament, he reveals through his cards how much he loves cartoons, talking about a Bugs Bunny parody he used to watch as a kid.  All his cards are Toon Versions of the more popular ones like Blue Eyes White Dragon and Summoned Skull.  They were virtually untouchable.  And with Pegasus possessing the Millennium Eye, he could see into his opponent’s hands and counter every card they had.  And once they lost, their minds went to the Shadow Realm.  But he had a reason for stealing souls and minds…he was about to be married when his fiancé sadly passed away from an illness.  So while rich and comes off as a polite gentlemen, he isn’t quite the brightest crayon in the box, but counting him out is a big mistake.

:bulletblue: Couldn’t Possibly be a Villain: Light Yagami.  Who says you need super powers to rule the world?  One of few villains to rule the world before being taken down, Light cemented his place in the Hall of Fame through a simple notebook, the Death Note.  With the free ability to kill anyone any way you wish, Light has shown not just the best intelligence for a human to posses, but the fact he’s managed to plant traps with such ease is enough to make you do double takes.  Always followed by the rather comedic relief that is Ryuk that only those who touch the Death Note can see, Light has used him a few times in order to reach his goals.  However, the two aren’t exactly partners in crime, as Ryuk has warned that even he may kill Light should things become boring.

:bulletblue: Nihilist: Eddie Gluskin.  What better villain to place here than Eddie.  While I personally hate this bastard, he does have a rather sad backstory, as he was part of a horrible experiment that the main character could have stopped by not debugging the program.  Because of this, a horrid past of abuse, Eddie simply snapped and started mutilating men in order to make them look like women (there’s no women at the asylum).  Playing the DLC Whistleblower, you get to see the mutilations being done after the main character is drugged.  Even the main is about to meet his end at a buzzsaw until something stops Eddie.  Though with how messed up this guy is, I think he’d be the first to die by the others’ hands.

:bulletblue: Not Quite a Villain: Team Rocket (Jessie/James/Meowth).  Let’s face it, while they are part of a villainous organization, these three fail the most.  They’ve never gotten away with any Pokemon except for their own, and they do in fact help out Ash and co; even in rare occasions, Ash and co has helped them out too.  While they are bad and have probably excelled elsewhere, they fail a good 99.9% of the time.  They never made off with Pikachu or any other Pokemon, they’ve been prevented from doing bad stuff, they just plain fail.  But it doesn’t mean they’re horrible; each one has a background, with James running away from his rich family to escape a forced marriage, Jessie….I forget hers, and Meowth having been abandoned as a kitten and growing up on the streets.  They do succeed in one area though: being there for each other through thick and thin.

:bulletblue: Villain With a Cause: Ganondorf.  The Sigma of Zelda, Ganondorf does not know how to die and wants nothing more than the Triforce of Power and to rule all of Hyrule.  The one male born into an all female race of Gerudos, he was made king, but didn’t turn out to be a god one.  His influence is so strong, he can’t even be locked away for very long without finding someone else to do his bidding for a while (Zant).  While he isn’t the main villain of every game, he does not fail to always pose a threat and a challenge, constantly putting Link through trials and tribulations.  The funny thing is, Gandondorf is nothing more than a curse from Demise, the worst demonic Zelda villain to date; even he dwarfs Ganondorf.  He will also do anything in his power to get rid of Link in order to obtain his goal, which is to have the whole Triforce for himself.

:bulletblue: Big Brute: Esdeath.  While not quite a villain with a cause simply because she’ll kill just for the sake of it, Esdeath feels more like a big brute type.  Why?  F*cking with her is the last thing you’ll ever do.  An excellent fighter that can adapt to any situation as well as an excellent tactician, combating her ice abilities is not as simple as bringing a flame to the battlefield.  Her Teigu (Imperial Arm), along with what she went through as a child, makes her your biggest nightmare.  If you fit her qualifications for a man, your fate’s sealed as she will endlessly pursue you regardless if you have a partner or not.  Esdeath is also insane, though not quite at the level of Kefka; he has his own agenda.  She could also be classified as a Yandere as she will kill for you or simply kill you (if she can’t have you, no one will).

:bulletblue: Just Freaking Insane: Kefka Palazzo.  Having gone insane because of an imperfect method of infusing one with magic, Kefka breaks molds by not being your generic cold and ruthless villain.  While crazy, colorful, and completely childish on the outside, on the inside he’s coming up with all kinds of insidious plans, including overthrowing the current leader.  He will stop at literally nothing in order to carry out his plans and obtain what wants; because of this he has become a literal god.  Kefka also wastes no time in killing others, shown when he threw poison into a river to kill off an entire village.  He is also the first to destroy most, if not all, of the world; something a lot of villains don’t accomplish with ease.  Although there is a side that is often overlooked…could he actually have a broken heart of sorts due to his wanting to destroy everything to find a purpose?

:bulletblue: Evil Scientist: Gate.  This was going to be Orochimaru, but because of Gaara I'd have two characters from the same thing, and I wanted to avoid that.  Not evil from the start, Gate was a Reploid scientist who had created eight successful Reploids.  However, they had all been destroyed leaving Gate broken and angered.  Coming upon the wreckage of the Eurasia Incident, he discovered a piece of Zero, and had a chance to decipher Zero's DNA.  Unfortunately, this drove him mad and recreated his original Reploids, along with two new ones, only for them to start making trouble, especially Nightmare Zero.  He even came up with golden armor that's only weak to his own attacks, which means if you can't bounce them back, you're screwed.  But he isn't a pushover either; he packs his own attacks which can be strong as well.

:bulletblue: Supervillain: Frieza.  It makes perfect sense.  One of the first strongest villains in the universe, not even an exploding planet could finish him off where Goku couldn’t.  Intelligent, powerful, ruthless, Frieza gets what he wants by any means necessary.  If simple negotiations won’t work, he’ll either kill you or the planet.  He also doesn’t need much to destroy a planet either, as he has a few attacks that take care of rather easily.  Working with him means putting your life on the line, as he’ll kill you without a second thought either as an example or if you’ve gone against him in some way.

:bulletblue: Vengeful Villain: Naraku.  Having everything then becoming nothing and then evolving into the longest running badass, Naraku has proven himself to be the most formidable.  Having once been the criminal Onigumo, he felt such anger learning that the women he fell for had fallen for someone else.  Driven by rage and jealousy, he makes a deal with demons and becomes one himself, soon ending not just InuYasha and Kikyo’s relationship, but killing Kikyo as well.  Using the Sacred Jewel, he planned on ridding Feudal Japan of InuYasha and his group for good, but it didn’t quite work out in the end.  A nasty enemy that continues to evolve and absorb the powers of others, Naraku will stop at nothing to get rid of the hero, regardless if he’s chopped into pieces over and over.


Villain Meme (c) :iconmirz333:
Blank Meme:…

Gaara of the Sand (c) Masashi Kishimoto

Envy (c) Hiromu Arakawa

Maximillion Pegasus (c) Kazuki Takahashi

Light Yagami (c) Tsugumi Ohba/Takeshi Obata

Eddie Gluskin (c) Red Barrels Studio

Jessie/James/Meowth (c) Satoshi Taijiri

Ganondorf (c) Nintendo

Esdeath (c) Takahiro/Tetsuya Tashiro

Kefka Palazzo (c) Square Enix

Gate (c) Capcom

Frieza (c) Akira Toriyama

Naraku (c) Rumiko Takahashi

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Nice choice. Very fun read. Thank you for participating.
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Quite an interesting meme. I am happy I was able to recognize all but two, the Reploid and the Brute, though I did recognize that one was from Mega Man X at least. I am rather tempted to try my hand at this, but I sadly can only think of two spots at the moment.
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Ah, so you know of the twisted creature that is Eddie, huh?  I was actually thinking Ulquiorra before him, but he's so overused.  It's a tricky meme.
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I agree with that. The definition of "nihilist" I even had to look up. As for Eddie, I did watch Mark play that games DLC afterall. Any other characters you know of that fit his category? Since I am actually having trouble defining it.
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You can go to the Villain Wiki and find a list of Nihilists:…

A nihilist simply sees no point in life one way or another, whether it should be destroyed (Kefka) or believe nothing exists (Ulquiorra).  Some also don't care if they die because they just don't believe in anything (Joker in some cases).
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Huh, okay, I guess I do know a few then.
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Surprising, right?
CouldveBeenKing's avatar
Yeah, that is rather interesting now that I think about it. Thank you.
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That Wiki is also highly packed with all kinds of villains too, so have fun with that.
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