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Whoops! It looks like the character resource you're looking has moved. Check out the massively updated version [here] for a much better experience!
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The character sheet will no longer be updated here! For all future updates, please watch TheChugsBoson and add [this version] to your favorites!
The deviation as it appears now will remain on this account until the release of version 2.0.

Click here for a more basic 100-question character sheet for lesser detailed characters.

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This should help people who want to get to know their character better. As far as my research has brought me, it is by far the most comprehensive character dossier out there, and it will only continue to grow from now on.

Some people will probably have difficulties getting through the entire thing for one of the original character, so I recommend filling this out for yourself before you do it for any of your characters, but you're definitely gonna wanna not post that online. That's how identity thefts steal you.

At some point, I'll be uploading more versions of this. There will be an image version for you visual types and an html/CSS version for you internet types.

There is a yet-unfinished character sheet for my pony OC, found here, that can be used as a reference if you need one.

When you post your character sheet filled out, please include a link to this blank form in the artist's comments and acknowledge that I was the original creator. Also, it would be cool if you could link me to yours. Other people's characters are always interesting to read about.

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EDIT: This sheet will be going through a major overhaul sometime soon. It will be more organized and the examples and description will actually make sense. With any luck, you'll get the html/css version and the image version at the same time.
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how did u get this imagine from also what is the name of this imagine?