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5 Ways to Un-Cliche' a Cliche
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
1. Do your damn research. I can't stress this enough.  We live in the freaking Information Age, and the concept of Googling is an alien one to too many people.  While I could easily go on a rant about anti-intellectualism, I'll rein it in and say that cliché' is largely anachronistic.  People use them because they're familiar, not necessarily what's true. When I started world-building for my Western steampunk/cattlepunk trilogy, one of the characters was the equivalent of a Chinese immigrant worker.  So I read everything I could get my hands on about what it was like to be a Chinese immigrant worker.  Wikipedia articles, fiction, and non-fiction.  I also read authors like Lawrence Yep
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5 Cynicisms About NaNoWriMo
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
I have always snickered at the NaNoWriMo's.  I've never participated, because I've never needed to: I wrote my first novel when I was 14, and have averaged about one every year since.  If you think that makes me smug, I'll point out that one really good way to get a writer's habit is to get six inches of titanium surgically inserted into your crooked spine.  When writing becomes about the only thing you can do without screaming, you take to it rather readily.
In light of my 24-Hour Comic ordeal, ol' NaNoWriMo is looking suspiciously like it, except drawn out for 30 days.  I realized I've never weighed in on the contest, and figured I needed to toss out 5 criticisms.  It's become tradition at this point.
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5 Popular Writers You Should Not Emulate
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
1.  Stephanie Meyer.  Yeah, yeah, big shock.  The thing about Stephanie Meyer that gets me isn't necessarily her actual prose (although it can be pretty bad), but the fact that she breaks so many writing conventions.  Probably the biggest being that her protagonist never truly sacrifices anything to get what she wants: she gets her boyfriend, she becomes a vampire, her father's suddenly okay with both of those things, she gets the baby, her spare is somehow happy being paired up with her baby.  Everything ends up perfect and wonderful for her for all eternity.  Anyone else ever have that happen to them?  Total perfection with no struggle on your part?  Can you relate to
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Critique Personality Types
I thought I'd type up something on the type of people you're likely to meet in critique groups and how to handle them.  For those wondering, I am a Pit Bull Trooper.
Feel free to add other types; I don't think I got them all.
Also, feel free to donate so I can buy another Premium Membership:
Bad Types:
The Toxic Snark
Most likely to be: Parents, self-described elitists, jerks in general
"When are you going to write for real?  Why are you wasting your time writing this junk?"
Attributes: This person is inclined to hate your stuff.  Without fail. They don't read what you write, or they read "real" literature.  And your work is so far below what they like, you're obviously in desperate need of their opinion and correction, which is largely that you should abandon what you're working on and start writing their idea of a story.  They hate mainstream, or hate a genre
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5 Comics on DA That Manage To Do Things RIGHT
Wurr by Paperiapina
The skinny: Horribly deformed, heroic hellhounds seek out a new home in a land forbidden to their kind.
Why It Doesn't Suck: First off, the whole premise brilliantly takes the Beauty Equals Goodness trope and completely turns it on its head.  Aside from that, it just about subverts every wolf comic trope there is.  Sleek, beautiful, romantic icons these guys ain't.  There is no prophecy, no aesop about man being evil, and probably above all, no romanticizing what it means to be a hunter.  The pack has almost no petty squabbling, puts up with each other's foibles, and has to because they know the alternative is death.  No angst, no whining or existential crises, just shutting up and putting up with each other because it means living another day.  Considering most wolf comics take the opportunity to put whiny teen
:icondroemar:Droemar 21 41
5 Tips on Self-Control
Highsong got lots of tags, so here's ya'll's reward.  For anyone still interested, you can purchase it here: or here:

1.  If your work cannot explain or defend itself, it needs a rewrite. The knee-jerk reaction of most people I run across in writing circles is the manic desire to man the wall of their ego and defend it from all comers.  The person in question didn’t really come for critique, per se, but validation.  They only want to be told how wonderful they are, not that their character is a vomit-inducing Mary Sue described with prose the written equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Good writing needs no explanation; bad writing deserves none.  It’s as simple as that.  If someone says they didn’t understand something fundamenta
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5 Tips on Gender
My friend Cedarseed needs some help with a Kickstarter project.  If you believe in karma as a writer, perhaps helping her will mean you'll get help someday!
1. People are people. Sooo why should it be, you and I should get along so -?  Uh, wait. Okay.  The biggest thing I see with gender in poorly done writing is that the worst of it manages to be both anti-male and anti-female at the same time.  (Case in point would probably be  Twilight, but it’s certainly not the only offender.  Hello, Lifetime!) The woman are passive idiots, incapable of asserting themselves, articulating their desires, or taking a proactive stance to pursue a dream or goal.  The men are brow-beating clods, unobservant, territorial, jealous, and possessive, and constantly attempting to measure their “assets” (physical or otherwise) against any other
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5 Tips on Getting Started
1.  Do your research. Everyone can benefit from a little research.  I bet if Paolini had, he wouldn't have written Lord of the Star Wars Dragonriders of Pern.  Stephanie Meyer might have depicted Forks a little more accurately.  Odds are, the idea for your story is not as unique as you think.  Are there other stories out there like it?  How can you make yours different? (And saying "Because it's meeeeeeee!" doesn't count.  Boy, does it ever not.) Research can be anything from reading a vast swathe of YA to find out what's selling right now, to skimming Wikipedia articles for just how that piece of armor or weapon worked, to interviewing someone knowledgeable about a subject you want to include in your book.  Most of the time, if you tell people you're writing a book, they get really excited about being consulted about it.  And yes, that's a lot of reading.  Because if you're writi
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5 Tips on Exposition
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
1.  If you are not answering who, what, and why we should care right off: save it. I see sooooooooooooo freakin’ many comics that introduce the massive world of epicness and all the circumstances under which it came to be, little of which has anything to do with the immediate narrative.  It’s tiresome, especially when there’s stuff like a list of gods, or the ebul guy and the good guyz, and their socio-political impact over the years.  And we spend pages hearing this crap, without a single inkling of who our protagonist is.  Zilch in the way of context.  Nothing in the way of emotional hooks or characterization.  But damn, do we ever get some names that mean jack-all! &
:icondroemar:Droemar 32 21
5 Tips on Dialogue: Part Two
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
Not sure when the next update is; I'm probably going to be starting another novel here soon.
1.  Said is king. Meyer!  You little minx; thank you for providing me with a perfect reason why Said Bookisms suck so bad! Replacing said with anything should be done with hesitation.  Dialogue stands on its own.  Give your readers credit: we really can understand how something is being said by the dialogue alone.   When characters whine, moan, sniff, or do anything with an adverb, their dialogue probably needs punching up.  Sometimes it's unavoidable, but do try not to let yourself fall off the slippery slope. 
:icondroemar:Droemar 47 45
5 Tips On Dialogue, Part One
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
1. Good dialogue implies more then what is being said. Dialogue is a tool for characterization, because if character is action, talking is a free action.  (Heh.) What is being said not always as important as how it's being said.  A character who is constantly sarcastic, or quiet in the face of fury, or downright serene and gleeful on a battlefield says a lot about their character.  Dialogue can convey this easily.  Some dialogue can be straight and to-the-point, like "Swerve left to avoid the deer!" but when used as characterization you should always consider the A point and B point of your dialogue.  Consider point A to be the direct information that serves the story and the plot.
:icondroemar:Droemar 56 45
5 Tips On Endings
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
To Any of the Fanfiction Writers I May Have Offended With My Last Entry: I am sorry.  I’m sorry that I overgeneralized, that I made sweeping, arrogant statements about the quality of your work.  I’m sorry I drove you to flaming and abuse.  I’m sorry that derivative appears to mean “carte blanche to regurgitate.”  I’m sorry that what others call Character Derailment you call Character Development.  I’m sorry that you’re forced to stuff parody and reimaginings under the fanfiction umbrella in an attempt to give your beloved genre a sense of legitimacy.  I’m sorry that tie-in novels are largely printed as mass market paperbacks.  (You kno
:icondroemar:Droemar 64 84
5 Tips On Writing FanFiction
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
1. Don't write it. Seriously.  Just don't.  You are a million times better off working on your own original ideas, no matter how awful, then to attempt fanfiction.  Even the thinnest expy of fanfiction is better (but not by much.)  Fanfiction creates numerous false sensibilities about world-building, characterization, and plot; it creates false ego and confidence in the author.  Fans of whatever you happen to be writing are predisposed to love you because you're writing about Link, not because you do a good job of it.  They will love you because they "agree" with the way things should've gone, the person their hero should've ended up with, not because you're creating tension or relevant st
:icondroemar:Droemar 18 160
5 Tips on Emotion
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
Sorry for the delay; I attended the Austin GDC ... whoof. Still tired.
1.  Mediate your character’s emotional responses. I see this a lot, and it reads like bipolar disorder.  The character exalts in their laughter, achieving tears of mirth, and then in two sentences manages to burst into the other kind of tears.  The bad kind.  Conversely, there’s the character who doesn’t care about anything, even kittens.  KITTENS.  Whether they’re having a gun shoved in their face or confessing their undying love, they do it with the kind of “meh” Keanu Reeves would be jealous of.  Just like in acting, I prefer subtlety to my character’s emotions, and
:icondroemar:Droemar 79 53
5 Tips on Conflict
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
1.  Conflict is when one or more opposing forces meet. In a lot of self-insert fics and Mary Sues, I often see a lot of scenes where the character is loved and accepted and lauded.  The writer laments their lack of said lauding in reality, while the readers froth at the mouth.  We want conflict!  Conflict, dammit!  If you have three scenes that consist of the character getting an A, hanging out with his friends, and arguing with his parents, I can guarantee you that the scene we'll be most interested in is the scene with the argument.  Conflict is pretty simple.  Fat man wants sandwich.  Fat man can't stand up to get sandwich.  Conflict.  (Actually,
:icondroemar:Droemar 66 30
5 Tips on Critique
EDIT: If you like this journal entry, check out The Sarcastic Guide to Writing ebook for exclusive content on world-building, character, and dialogue!
Sorry for the long delay between blogs; I lost my Internet provider for a solid three weeks.  Ahhh ... teh Internetz feels so good...
1.  Not all critique is created equal..  This goes at the top, because there are lot of new writers out there who think that anything someone says about their stuff has to be changed.  And tear themselves apart when person A says they loved it and person B says they hated it.  The seasoned writer knows that that scenario is a "break even" type thing, and mostly abides by the rule of three: if three people mention the same thing in each of their feedback, it's worth a second look.  (Notice I didn't say correction, I said a second look.)  At m
:icondroemar:Droemar 13 43


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