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Pre-Writing and Brainstorming.
Writing is a multi-step process.  If Shakespeare were to just write whatever he wanted to with no prior planning, well…we probably wouldn't know who Shakespeare is today.  Writing takes time, thought and a lot of organization in order for it to come out as one, cohesive work.  In the midst of your random scribbling, many of your ideas may seem to be jumbled and in-cohesive.  This makes it hard for you to really get your ideas in motion.  How do you fix that?  Well, the ultimate way to ensure flow with writing is to undergo Pre-Writing and a little organized Brainstorming.
There are several, critical points to Pre-Writing.  For each point, write down whatever it is that entails of it.
:pointr: Purpose
~Why are you writing?  Where do you plan to take your writing?  Make sure you have a deep reason as to why you are writing.  Wi
:icondissension-7:Dissension-7 127 21
How to Introduce a Character
The classical Movie Introduction – Sometimes, you get a hero. Not over time, but right at the start – this is your hero. He's confident, he's suave, and he always packs his shaving cream. Somehow he always manages to get that beard just right, despite the fact that you've never seen him trim. Everything about him is admirable, and you just wanna follow him like a little puppy dog because that's how AWESOME he is.
…it might work, but you still shouldn't do it. It's one thing for movies, where you can simply follow someone's action across the screens. In books, you want the closeness that only seeing the character fall on their face time times just to get it right once will bring.
The stumbling introduction - sometimes, your character stumbles into the wrong thing at the wrong time. Or the right thing at the right time, perhaps, but – if you want a good story – you should probably make sure it ends up worse for them than it would have otherwise.
Oh, sure, things
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 371 40
What if Your Character-
Answer these to better get to know your character. You can answer these in story format, or just say something like "he would do this _____."  Story format would be better practice though.
Character Name:
1. Your character sees someone close to them be murdered. Do they chase after the murderer? Stay with the victim? Or maybe run for help?
1.5. A murderer is going to kill someone close to your character and your character knows they are next, what does your character do? Try to stop the killer? Cry? Feel hopeless? Run?
2. Your character is faced with a situation where they have to kill someone who is unarmed. Maybe the unarmed is a killer. Do they do it?
3. Someone tells your character that someone close to your character has died, what happens?
4. Your character is faced with a situation where they are at one point, and they have to get to another. The only way to get there is to jump platform to platform across a valley. If they fall they will die,
:iconcheyanne-author:Cheyanne-Author 443 29
Writing a Novel
Writing a novel is different for everyone. However, here are some things to think about during the journey of writing your novel.
STEP ONE - Prewriting
What message do you want to send the world?
It may sound like an obvious question, but the message of any literature can be very abstract or become lost in the literature. Keep the "message" or theme specific. Every event that occurs, every character added to the story, ask yourself whether or not it helps delivering the message you want to your readers.
Characters are vital to the book. You cannot have too many, nor too few. Choose characters that people can easily relate to. All people are different, so make sure there are a few good guys for people to have favorites of. Create your characters to be different from one another, but with a common theme.
In my opinion, the most important piece of a character is its name. Novels almost always have a hero and a villain. The hero has admirable qualities, the villain
:iconstory:story 230 48
Character Flaws - Emotional
Emotional flaws are an integral part of making your character likeable to your readers. Believe me when I say, the more perfect your character is, the more your readers are going to be turned off by him or her and the more likely they will be to drop the book and never read it or another one by you again.
The reason is: they won't be able to identify with the character. No one in this world is perfect. If you make a perfect character, your readers are going to feel inferior to that character and hate him/her. They're not going to like the fact that s/he is always right, always wins, always knows everything, always says the right thing, etc., etc.
A character should always have at least two flaws. Especially a main character. This way, your reader can watch them grow and grow with them. If you have a series, I would choose 5 flaws so once your character defeats one flaw, they can start working on the next, just like in real life. Choose one flaw to be the maj
:iconwritersarchives:WritersArchives 430 32
Writing Emotions VISUALLY
Writing Emotions VISUALLY
"What is ...VISUAL writing?"
-- Visual writing is when the reader can SEE your story unfolding in their imaginations just like a movie.
    * Non-visual: It was a dreary day.
    * Visual: Icy rain slithered down the window glass from an iron gray sky.
This is more commonly known as SHOWING vs. TELLING.
    * Telling: It was a dreary day.
    * Showing: Icy rain slithered down the window glass from an iron gray sky.
"What's wrong with just...Telling them?"
-- The problem lays with Reader interpretation. Abstract (poetic) words and ideas rely on the readers' interpretation of what those words mean to them personally.
For example:
She was woefully depressed.
    * How does Big Bird act when he's woefully depressed?
    * How do Y
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 940 147
Writing ANGST
One way to add excitement to your story is by adding lots of bad-guys, also known as EXTERNAL Conflict. Another way is by adding INTERNAL Conflict, more commonly known as Angst.
I'm sure most of you have noticed by now that most movie characters, and far too many book characters, are One-Dimensional. They do stuff, but they don't face any personality issues: a hang-up, a fear, paranoia, a moral code, a love interest, a strong dislike… Or worse, they do have all these things, but they never really affect the story.
There's a Plot Arc, things happen, but no Character Arc. The things that happen don't affect the characters emotionally.
Where's the ANGST?
Answer these two questions:
1. What is your character's biggest character flaw?
(Think: 7 Deadly Sins.)
• Apathy/Passive-aggression (Sloth)
• Addiction (Lust)
• Obsession (Greed)
• Resentment (Envy)
• Hate/Revenge (Wrath)
• Avarice (Gluttony)
:iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 856 149
My World by AlectorFencer My World :iconalectorfencer:AlectorFencer 2,876 126


Although it may not have come out as good as you thought it would, I think it came out better than even I could do. You imagined what y...





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"What's this for?" I hear you ask. Well, in short - writing resources. I'm sure most of my followers know that I am the author of the original Blank Character Sheet. You know, the one that now boasts over 390 attributes. Well, for one, I've officially moved it. By the time you read this, my old Blank Character Sheet will have been gutted and will only have a link to the new one, a much more streamlined and overall infinitely better version of it. Don't worry, though. If you really like the old one, I'm keeping an archived copy on TheBoson's You can find that [here]. In time, I will also post a reworked Abridged Character Sheet to post there as well, which will also mean the one on this account will be redirected to it.

If you're confused, there's a little more information at my Patreon journal entry over at TheBoson. I feel that this is for the best, as the new sheet has had far more thought put into it that this one and, unlike the one I used to have here, will go on to have more updates. For more sheets, character resources, short stories, and teasers for my own story, you might go ahead and follow TheBoson as well. I rarely use this dehydromon account anymore and anyone who followed me here because of the Blank Character Sheet will be much happier with the content posted on that account than with anything that I will post here.

I hope this journal entry has helped clear things up. As always, thanks for checking in. dehydromon out.
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James C. Pecke
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Under God
Favorite Genre of Music: Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Classical, Dubstep
Favorite Style of Art: Music
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 Player of Choice: iPod Touch 4th Generation
Shell of Choice: Lace Murex
Wallpaper of Choice: Ponies
Skin of choice: Furry
Favorite Cartoon Character: Light Yagami, L, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Octavia
Personal Quote: "Kadon lu'obi ai ni za z'obikra ai."
Catchphrase: "Like a fox."
Favorite Actor: None chosen
Favorite Country: Finland, Verdok, Equestria
Favorite Animal: Raccoon, Jackrabbit, Weasel, Red Fox
Favorite Number: 21
Favorite Song: I AM by Theocracy, The Gift of Music by Theocracy, and Reign of Terror by Rhapsody of Fire
Theme Song: Here I Go Again - Whitesnake

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I love Coyotes by WishmasterAlchemist I love Griffins by WishmasterAlchemist I love Raccoons by WishmasterAlchemist I love Red Foxes by WishmasterAlchemist Live Forever by Valotoxin killed by Sky-of-Dust Rain Stamp by LumiResources I love music by Kavel-WB Original Character Addict by lycanthropeful The Quenchiest Stamp by CubieJ Deviant Stamp - Believer by Retermined Stamp: Eternal Life by Emotikonz Seven Deadly Sins by lightpurge Scarface Jesus by impersonalinfo Gender is Gender by impersonalinfo XBOX by phantom Halo 3 Stamp by googlememan Portal Stamp by JourneytoRevenge I Hate School by Davidgtza2 Anti-smoke by Joey-art


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