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Sacred Union

By dehydrated1
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Evolving through the aquatic stages of life, man rose with ego-driven purpose…with a pulse and soul seeking godlike capabilities through acquired experiences. He saw himself as a supreme being, capable of pushing his will into the world. As a young child he was in awe of the constructed idea of time…the way his internal clock would let him accurately guess the numbers on his watch in the afternoon. He imagined the ability to feel the trees growing as if in slow motion. He listened with a sharp observation to the rhythm of the ocean spreading salt across the sand. He was perplexed by the way human bodies shut down with the setting of the sun…the cyclic regeneration of organic batteries.
As he grew older, he separated from the boundary of linear time and became consumed with the materiality and decorative quality that the Earth seemed to offer, until there finally came a time that he sought something more – consciousness and spirituality on a new level. In order to achieve such greatness, he realizes he must learn from Mother Nature, embrace her teachings, and surrender to the ultimate power of the mind. She offers him clarity of balance, peace within the pulls of power, and acceptance of all within and without in order to obtain this higher level of consciousness.

The process of creating this piece took 5 months and over 300 hrs. Each panel is 9x12 cold press 140 lb. watercolor paper. At first, I had no intention of creating such a large piece, but as the design spread off the paper I wondered how far it could go. My ideas for the piece were heavily influenced by listening to tons of interviews on or related to extraterrestrials, crop circles, astral travel, and ways of enhancing consciousness. Some of the brilliant authors, philosophers, and programs that kept my ideas and dreams flowing were Terence Mckenna, Alan Watts, Graham Hancock, Richard C. Hoagland, Daniel Pinchbeck, Albert Taylor, Ben Stewart, Coast to Coast AM and Project Camelot. If anyone has any other recommendations please don’t hesitate to share them.
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This makes me homesick
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
always loving this style and how beautiful your work has become
Deborah-Valentine's avatar
I think this is the most wonderful piece! I love how the colors change
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im impressed ... good stuff!
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<font><font>Spectaculaire!!!!! formidable travail dans la recherche!</font></font>
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Spectacular! Also, it really reminds me of the work of a friend of mine:
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Coast to Coast AM and Project Camelot..... right up my street mate :)
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I haven't listened to Coast to Coast in such a long time. I heard Art Bell has made a return to his show, so I'll be sure to check it out soon.

Thanks for faving my artwork.

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Hello thanks for writing back mate - cool yes i also listen to Red Ice - I illustrate from those shows ;) You are most welcome - You have a powerful visionary style - i aspire to be somewhere like you :) nice to meet you! - Jon
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are you ever going to sell prints of this???
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All I can say right now is ... Holy Shit O.o

This is so inspiring ...
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This is great!!
btw: love all the details.. :O
Impressive! I am stunned towards a mute being...
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amazing! its got a surealistic style to it
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