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Two hours demo in class, about how to use a bunch of photo-references and textures to push mood and details.
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Hey Deharme, could you tell me where I can buy /see this 2hours demo about THE LIGHT HOUSE ?
With kind regards Patrick

ps: I love your work, it's stunningly beautiful 😎🤟
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awesome.. hope to get ur level someday ><
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Hoo ! c'est ... impressionnant, j'ai appris quelquechose aujourd'hui :happybounce: 
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Thanks for this :) it's super useful.
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This is great, I've put it in my tutorial section. Thanks a lot!
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Thank  you *so* much.

What canvas  size and dpi are you working at may I ask?
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I usually work somewhere in between 5000 and 10000 pixels (high or large) at 300dpi.
For this piece, as it was a quick demo in class, I worked on 3000 large.
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Coool! I'm going to have to look further into that.
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An overall great image, but I feel that there is too much blatentn photoshop and not enought "painting" . I find these types of images to be the most difficult to bring to table as finished. 
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That's the point though. How to block a mood and a structure as fast as possible. As said, it was a class demo, focusing on those specific aspects.
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I understand. Though thank you for pointing it out to me(again). The blocking in phase is possibly the most important phase, and one I often have the most trouble with. I will often put too little effort in establishing this phase. Thanks for putting me straight, I needed to be reminded. 
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No worries, it's just essential to go to the essential when you go for this kind of concept-art !
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so cool! amazing!
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Very cool. Where are you teaching these classes?

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Southern Ohio !
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