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Bastien Lecouffe Deharme
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chouette coiffure !

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This is great the detail and texture and everything, really love it.
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Wonderful work :heart:
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I love this so much. The colors are incredible <3
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Hello, can I just ask you how you made the gold on her crown/head? I always want to make this kind of sharp and realistic metal, but I can't figure out how it's done.
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Très sombre et une touche de BROM !
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amazing . skin shading is so great
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beautiful , very Moucharesque !
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Okey okey, you are badass!
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farking beautiful man!! You have a killer eye and vision. So inspired right now.
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this reminds me of a certain woman, most of the time we're afraid to do or say anything without her express permission because we heard she is diety casualty, so that means a lot of people are in trouble already, but... we think we have it down, loki: god of thunder and lucifer and cantebury and kali and some other guys are going to rig together some tricks and play on both teams so she has to make us leave and doesn't come for us, i really hope she doesn't call forth some legion we've never heard of or something...
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What a wonderful piece, love it!
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hey man, sorry iv never written a comment to u before! just wanted to say this stuff is really awesome.
im a huge fan of how u use the more rougher brushes to create those textures and stuff!
ur color choice is also really cool, love the pale skin combined with the blood red cloth and gold...
ur really one of my favorite artists on DA! good stuff man ;)
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Thanks a lot !
Much appreciated ! :)
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why hecate, why not straight bahometh?
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I have a portrait of Baphomet as well. Why not Hecate ?
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It's really great!!!
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What do you even use to create something like this ? 
amaze ballz
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I just starred your Black Triangle on another members page. Why not go to the source, eh. Your work so far, is amazing. Reminds me of old pulp fiction cover art for Conan the Barbarian novels.
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Oh my :love: You're style is very unique I think. I love your work :clap:
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