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By Deharme
This is a set of brushes created for Adobe.
They asked me to create a set of basic brushes that could be used as a starter for digital painting.

Created and works under Photoshop-CC.
Make sure you adjust the window size of the brush selector, so you can take advantage of the "categories" system.

I hope you guys enjoy it !

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© 2014 - 2021 Deharme
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Obrigado por disponibilizar os pincéis!!! :)

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all your works are incredible, thanks you so much for letting us have this ♥

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Tus pinceles son geniales... muchs gracias!

Thank you so much!

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Thanks for sharing.....

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Thank you So much !!

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! Thank You !

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I can't find the second brush in the preview ç,ç I love that texture

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Amazing work, thanks for sharing the brushes <3
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