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Inception Infographic

By dehahs
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Edit: The correct titles for Saito and Fischer (The Tourist and The Mark, respectively) have been updated in the print version :)

UPDATE #4: a DD! Just when I thought this couldn't get any more popular, heh. Many thanks to =MrPersonGuyMan and ^StormPenguin for the honor!

UPDATE #3: I'm absolutely stunned by the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur from the movie) tweeted about this graphic:… . wow.

UPDATE #2: Prints are now available. Enjoy :)

UPDATE: Didn't expect it would be this popular. Thanks for the views, comments, critiques, favs and tweets everyone! I'm going to try and make this into a print, stay tuned :)

As most people agree, Inception was fantastic.

Instead of mapping the entire movie with the countless theories out there, I wanted to visualize the main inception mission, with its different levels and kicks, hence the graphic.

Software: Rhino, Illustrator, Photoshop


A.Aronsson's impossible figures were hugely influential in the 'inception' of this graphic, check out his awesome work here:…

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Awesome work, such a masterpiece of movie

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Good one, may be you can contribute this to Creately diagram community
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Oh god it's like Monument Valley...
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Looking at the picture makes me feel dizzy for some reason.
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I loved this movie. This is a really cool infographic. I love that you put so much detail into it. I'd like to try making something similar to this some time.
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And the entire diagram is a Penrose triangle. Very clever.
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the official twitter for Legendary pictures posted this.…
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This is AMAZING!!
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hey take a look the most best infographic video :…

the most amazing tilt shift video…
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This is absolutely ingenious! Such a beautiful, elegant way to present something so complicated. Congratulations on the DD! 
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It was just a great flick... i didn't even bother trying to follow it. :D
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I love this!
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Very interesting !
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That's great. I like this movie very much, and still it's a bit difficult to understand. But... One detail... Do you mean that Cobb did actually die in his dream?
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I like ''Inception'' and this artwork is very good, which allows in understanding idea this film.
SpottedTalon7's avatar
this is great! it's so helpful in understanding the complexities of the different levels
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Oh man this is PERFECT! Awesome!
swatjosh's avatar
Love this film. This interpretation is just as great in an attempt to explain what the hell goes on in the film who don't understand ;)
THis is beautiful!!!
ItsDezzyDotzUGH's avatar
I tried understanding this. It is amazing.
I like it a lot because it's neat and well organized and simple yet still on Inception's mind blowing level
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This is brilliant.
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