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The plague has replaced biode. Simple as that.

No I lie, it's not that simple.

Actually the official name is Ebon Plague, as a shortening of "The Plague of Ebon Creek" ((Rereading my commentary years later I can say that the "official" name I just listed didn't stick, mostly because it's the name of a Death Knight ability in WoW))

Anyway, today's page is all about fun with Sally. I'm gonna point out that she quotes music alot... today's comes from the Breaking Bejamin’s song “I Will Not Bow” [link]

I dunno why but Sally kinda reminds me of the SDL version of Alaster in this page. They don't have much in common really, but that happy go lucky violent nature shines through on both of them. I'm not expecting the new Alaster to be quite like the old one and Sally has already filled the niche he left behind. But I only ever have a vague idea of how my characters are till I actually start to write their lines.

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her grin in the third panel...XD