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Suppression 22

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So I dunno if you guys have seen it or not, but over on the main site, I give each page a title that is taken from the dialog on that page... while over here I just number them. But I liked the title of this one so much I have to bring it up... "More Than I Can Say" It just fits this one so much. Though it's out of context of Iggy's first line, It really applies perfectly to how they are both keeping secrets.

I dunno if I've played it TOO subtle but Iggy's really pulled off some very cutting remarks that might seem like nothing at first glance. Victus has been pretty quiet so far... definitely doesn't talk much but that makes it hard to establish much about what he's like.

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Been too busy to read through my deviant watchlist but I finally got around to doing it today - read through the Suppression archive on the website (somehow it just feels "right" to read these pages against a black background) and I've added the website to by webcomic bookmarks.

Will definitely be keeping up with this.
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Good to have you aboard for the journey. And you couldn't have picked a better time. Things are going to start to pick up quick from here.