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Suppression 18

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You know I'm a bit indecisive about this now... I'm not sure if i should be 3 rows that are 400 pixels tall, or 4 rows of 300. I can get through more dialog with 4 rows, but can fit more dialog on each panel if they're taller... not to mention the bigger panels show action much more clearly.

I guess I could keep it as a case by case kind of thing.

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Okay... I don't really get whats happening on the first 4 panels xp
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Alaster is swan diving off the wall, lands in the mud with a huge splash that buries everyone but Iggy who blocks it with his powers.

Then Iggy takes the mud off of everyone else.

Sorry if it wasn't clear...
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Ah okay thanks
Well the splashing mud looks like a giant stone pillar or something, I guess its hard to make moving liquids on a static 3D image.
Don't know how you can make that... unfortunately I'm no 3D artist xP