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By Degulus
At long last we get to see the fabled Bartleby appear in the comic.

Those familiar with Steel Nation are likely to recognize these two... Bartleby is clearly an updated version of Advent Beta. But the woman behind him might have you guys stumped for a sec... But if you recall Beta's right hand floating shadowy cloak and hat... Yeah, the girl is the redesigned and finally human (or at least Thal'nasian) version of Magus Grav. I was calling her Maggie Grey, but very lately, after seeing it writen out, I'm not liking that it kinda sounds like Mardi Gras... I'll be using her full name in the next page so I'm in a BIT of a loss as to what to call her... I'll come up with something simply because I HAVE to.

I actaully modeled Maggie over the weekend, and didn't have a set design in mind at the start... I just knew I wanted to preserve the hat and cloak, as those were THE elements that made Magus anything at all. I dicided to use her to extend Bartleby's theme of the kind of clothes wizards would wear to office jobs. I even switched out Magus's dark blue and red for a light purple and blue... the color scheme here is a bit of a shout out to Trixie from My Little Pony (why is that show so awesome)

I had the Batleby model around for a while now... Though I did redesign his face. In a bit of recursion looping, the redesign was based on [link] a bit of art that came out of one of my buddies from Steel Nation. His full name is a bit of a joke that takes a nod at an earlier version of his name.... Isaac Bartleby. I had ended up deciding to make Bartleby his first name... leaving him with a blank last name... I filled that spot with Hayse... making the combination of both versions into a reference to Isaac Hayes... not absolutely NO reason beyond the fact that I think it's funny. Though I should note that Hayse is not pronounced like Hayes... it's more Ace with an H in front.

I'm really looking forward to writing the dynamic between these two... especially with Santris in the mix since he's always a joy to write for.
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Ohoho, is part of the redesigning the defined teeth? Because they add a lot to the face.
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Yup! They really do, don't they?

I still remember when I showed your drawing to my father. After showing him what character it was of he simply said... "His is better" and walked away.