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Suppression 15

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Now to me, it feels like all this should be quite obvious by now, but I guess it's good to get things flat out stated. And I guess the time frame, origin, and mechanics of the plague have been vague at best up to this point.

So admittedly you guys probably need this primer as much as anyone else.

Fun story to go with this one actually. I went out of town this weekend to visit my baby nephew, and was getting the comic ready before I left. The power went out Friday afternoon and didn't come back till long after we left, meaning I had this hanging over my head when I got home.

I guess that wasn't too bad, I had it ready with time to spare, but I'm going to have to be more careful, especially when I take a much longer trip in June. I've vowed to never let the schedule slip. Whether or not it will be posted at all on DA while I'm gone remains to be seen, but I will definitely have the main site auto updating while I'm gone. But that's still a good ways off.

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