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Finally got the names all official stated... sure I talk about them by name all the time on DA, but I didn't want to say their names on the main site before round about this page.

And sure Nick and Iggy were stated page one, but Victus and Trevor... not so much. In fact you guys got a small taste of that same nameless status for Victus.

Not too much else happens on this page really... I guess this IS where the adventure begins, though. And Nick continues to amuse me.

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Dang Iggy, got a way with the words there.
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Though it's definitely more concentrated and refined I based Iggy's mannerisms and way of phrasing things on some I actually use myself.

Of course I do that cause I think it's funny, and with people I know well... Iggy is actually like that.
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I am reminded of Skulduggery Pleasant. And I mean that as a sincere compliment, given that character in question has, over the course of the three books in which I have read him, dropped some of the best one-liners I have ever heard.

Iggy is awesome in his own right, though, especially given the fact that he waded into the middle of an epic battle, calmly sculpted himself a chair and then said "It's story time, kiddies~"