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Suppression 13

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Well here we are at last, the final page of the flashback.

It's funny but Nick didn't have that line in the first draft of the script, but once I started to make it I started to see that 1. he probably would make a comment at that moment and 2. this page could be taken WAY out of context without that line.

What? Someone lying unconscious in the road stuck full of syringes taken out of context?!

And on the same note Nick is really starting to grow on me. I only had vague ideas of what he was going to be like before I started writing for him, and so far he's had interaction with nearly all of the cast so I'm now feeling that he's the most fleshed out when it comes down to what's actually happened.

I mean hell in the early prototype versions of the story he was a straight laced generic main hero type guy. But once I shifted that spotlight off him and let his have a REAL personality he's just grown into... well I'm not sure yet... he's kinda a jerk, but I dunno, I just like him.

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