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Introducing Dr.Kolt. Another surprise character that I didn't have art of up till now.

Now you many be saying "Oh, it's a redesign of Advent Viral [link] " and while that is partially true there's more too him than that.

See Originally his role was filled by a character named Heinz Seirghiest, father of Charlie [link] but as things developed that character ceased to exist, and Charlie himself has undergone an overhaul as well (but more on that when he shows up).

So out of the ether comes Sigmund Kolt. A combination of the role of Dr. Seirghiest, and the abilities of Viral and a few of Sigmund [link] (which is where the power he uses in this page comes from... forming out of nowhere like that). But I will admit the look is completely a human version of Viral.

Actually there's another one... I had made a Dr. Issac Kolt with different powers, but similar personality to this one. So really there are alot of people in the Kolt as he appears today. ((On a spree of rereading my old commentary I'd like to note that Issac is actually the name I ended up going with for Dr. Kolt's first name... this doesn't matter much though as EVERYONE just calls him Kolt))

Official site: [link]
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more more more!!! ^_^