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Suppression 1

By Degulus
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And so it begins. The first page of my epic little webcomic known as Suppression.

I said February, and I meant February.

I'm going to be going about this in an interesting way... no exposition. I'm going to build the world one comic at a time, with no infodump at all, just logically placed flashbacks and conversations.

The schedule is not set in stone yet, but expect to see pages come out on Fridays. I have a lot of work to do to make sure this comes out at a constant rate, so I don't wanna get too far ahead of myself. I can make the comics themselves very quickly, but the scenes take much longer to set up, obviously.

If I get into Burning Avalon expect to see a single page a week. If I do not have that on my plate, I'll speed up production.
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good line. "good to see mine still has it's head" XD
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As Rhino from Bolt said " LET IT BEGIN!! LET IT BEGIN!"