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i Love Art

I :heart: Art.

Concept inspired by the "I :heart: NY" logo

Everything done in Adobe Photoshop

Thanks for viewing.
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I <img src="…" width="15" height="13" alt=":heart:" title="Heart" /> Art

Is a wonderful piece, with very vibrant colours. The gradient starting from a dark to bright into the center, emphasies the text, making it more attractive to our eyes and draws our attention.

The choice in the font of the text is also great, 'Simple yet Effective'. The touch of special effect also gives a look from an advert poster or anything as such. The use of leaves, is great although it doesn't necessarilly relate to the overall appearance of the piece. But then again, that is a choice of opinion.

The only downside of this piece, is the pixelisation. We can see the pixels in some of the letter, that needs to be worked on.

Overall it's a wonderful piece, with great choice of vibrant colour and a lovely signature <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":p" title=":p (Lick)" />
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Thanks dude, i only came to notice the pixelation to the text once i uploaded it to DA but that could also have meant it was due to the fact i for some reason started the project on a 72 dpi canvas, which i don't do at all.

I guess I wasn't thinking I'd do as good to the concept as it turned out.

next time will be 300 dpi ;)

Thanks for the sincere feedback/critique. Really appreciated!
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It's a real pleasure my friend ! :) Hope it helped you and can be seen in your future work ;)
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I love it - I've borrowed it too!
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why don't you make a tutorial? It would be great. Anyway.. this is a thousand times better than I love NY
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:) Would have but unfortunately quite too busy to do so.
Really appreciate your comment! means a lot!!
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pretty! :D Do you have a tutorial of this you've used? Or do you know a great one? :)
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unfortunately didn't use any tutorial for this, nor have a tutorial on how to do it.

Everything was done in Photoshop by simply improvising and following the original concept and ideas I developed in my mind before I started it.
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i love it
I borrowed
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cool... love the colors
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cool! I love art :D
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:) Thanks, good to hear :)
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thats beutiful
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Love the Q on this one..Nice work!!
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cheers Kimberly
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OMG! can i request a different name below I♥ ? pleaseee. hehe, message me as soon as you can. its valentines, and i wanna send it to someone. thanks!
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