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Finally here, Enjoy :) (Smile)
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Comments (34)
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just scrolling down the page, ive been reading comments and i cant beleive its taken me so fricken long to start looking at your dA page...:faint:drew=dumbboy

and also ~tuggummi...your comment was incredibly huge..
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alpha05's avatar
This tis awsome :slow:
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el-vis's avatar
These are extremely awesome remixes. You show a great sense of design and colors. I agree with nemo - the light and detail in every preset is very well set up. This is a huge pack covering the whole spectrum of AVS and I found not a single "bad" preset - so thank you for this inspiring work.
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zuku's avatar
I think I should comment more on this pack since it's so large and everything.. but, maeby some other time. now just faving this.. oh, Behind The Curtains rocks with
Rage Against The Machine :D ! (How I Could Just Kill a Man) _ :)
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nemoorange's avatar
Incredible sense of style and grace exhibited from the one & only Degnic. Every preset holds with in it a little lesson
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nemoorange's avatar
how you can make your preset a little better. These look just quite remarkable. What astounds me is how you managed to squeeze in some sort of light and shading into every preset. They all look slick enough to be touched.

I'm very proud how you've come along. I remember when one of your first Blazer packs got DD and I was almost upset that it did. I saw you had the creativity to make good presets, but they were so sloppy. & here you are, making presets even smoother than I. And what makes me really happy: high FPS. You have taken my advice and brought it to a whole new level. Incredible work. congradulations, I'm glad you're still around.

My only regret is that I wasn't able to supply some remix.
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zuku's avatar
nah, I'm in a rent-a-computer place-thing, so I can't view the presets ;( I'll review as soon as I'll get to my own cpu. bye
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vanish's avatar
Its a hella cool job,this pack more better than your previous.+FAV
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zamuz| Digital Artist
wow... man these are some of the greatest visual treats ever made, really. and i'm so flattered by your comment, thanks for that... but me, and hyperactive avser? i would give that sentence a second thought :) (Smile)

i can't really say i have favorite presets here, but a whole pack of masterpieces. that remix of brain wash is just perfect man, i couldn't do something as near good as that one :) (Smile)

thanks for this collection degnic.. a well deserved DD, and of course a huge deserved +fav

(btw, you said you were going to remix my 'fractalish colormania' preset, i *really* want to see that one... or maybe send it to me so i can release it in my upcoming pack Nod )
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liquidknight's avatar
Worship This is indeed one of the best packs ever!!!
I havent been able to watch the whole pack yet but the ones iv'e seen is just amazing!!!
And i realy like what you did to my presets. =) (Smile) Especially 'Northern Lights' pyroman mix... concidering im kind of a pyroman in real life so =D (Big Grin) . Anyway, again great pack!!!

Too bad about you breaking your toe though... =P (Razz) And you better sart studying... Or at least buy the book... =P (Razz) ... And i really hope maxpudding is right, that your not gone for good...
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maxpudding's avatar
Okay, the last time i tried to give u a big and huge comment, my pc hanged when i clicked the 'add me kommentoin'. And FYI, it was a really huge comment, so i don't want to waste my time again, so i will just say, ur packs (considering they are 3 combined into 1) are really innovative, some really great avs i've ever seen, nice job! Sad to see that u are going, but i still can sense that u are not going for good. Hopefully =D (Big Grin)
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tuggummi's avatar
Ok since this pack is divided into 3 chapters i have divided my comment into 3 chapters and a "end speech", because i promised you a huge ass comment ;) (Wink)

Comment+ (chapter 1)

Alt-ii - Burnlounge (tongue rmx)
A great simple & fast flow preset with some glittering into it. Somehow it reminds me of a lipstick commercial :D (Big Grin)

Amphirion - Tripconium (spiderweb rmx)
Wow, i absolutly love the layer & zooming effect here, it's like in my "Falling trough layers" preset, but only 100x better and i have no fucking idea how you got that effect. Amazing!

Avs-king - Mildew (pepper rmx)
If it was hard to pull together, then im glad you worked on it, because i love the alpha blending here and the turned off bilinear filter fits amazingly well in here, giving it a very nice pixelated look.

Avs-king Orientalpainting (tattoo rmx)
Love the color combo and the pattern is fucking awesome. Gives me a creepy feeling, but i like it :) (Smile)

Elvis - negative2_hv (rise of the king rmx)
I really like what you did here with the colors and effects. And you know blue always rocks ;) (Wink)

Evilrice - Cleanroom (full moon rmx)
Wow, what can i say? It's simply brilliant, the blending, layers, and shapes all awesome. One of the +favlove presets of the pack for sure.

Evilrice - Traveling Concentricity (pfiry rmx)
Love the colors ;) (Wink) Great shapes and patterns also.

Jay-Fatboy - Elevenses-Karamel (extra sugar rmx)
Mmm, like candy, only better :) (Smile) The colors are really a treat for the eyes ;) (Wink)

JDm - Whitespace 2000 (pewder rmx)
Love the colors and the "chillout" flow, a very relaxing preset for a change. I miss winter...

LiquidKnight - Sweet high (nevermind rmx)
Totally awesome! The stormy&electric feel to this one is mindblowing good and the colors just rock! +favlove

Maxpudding - DreamChaser (relax rmx)
The mix name says it all, so soft, slow and relaxing.

Montana - Equavera (yellow alien rmx)
Love the colors again :D (Big Grin) Otherwise a pretty nic flow preset, the swirls work great.

Montana - evilcookie (dejavu rmx)
That's just so yathosho ;) (Wink) like it nevertheless, love the shapes and colors.

Montana - Zerocreativity (sexyandsmooth rmx)
Mmm, nice colors ;) (Wink) Nice thing that you added that rotation into it.

NemoOrange - conduit (choco-coco rmx)
When i saw the screenshot i was 100% sure i was going to love this preset, and i was right :) (Smile) The colors are just great and music response is good too, what more do you need?

NemoOrange - Crescent Moon Craze (Satellite rmx)
Hmm, those "satellite"'s really remind me of some other preset... ;) (Wink) A really nice remix, i usually don't like that sort of blue, but here it looks great with the gray background.

NemoOrange - Spiriel (loonie toon rmx)
Yes the colors are outstanding, so smooth... oooh Drool

Nic01 - Wishers'Well (dragon rmx)
you know what, i think the mix name is perfect. Somehow i just can't stop thinking about dragons when i look at this :D (Big Grin) Color effects, outstanding as usual ;) (Wink)

Shock Value - pleasant migraine (rainbow rmx)
The only problem with this one is that the color flicker time to time when the color channels change, otherwise it's magnificent, love the feedback effect and the bump effect even though there isn't a bump filter! :-O (Eek) +favlove

S_KuPeRS - Vortex (gimme stream rmx)
You did it again with the colors and effects, just brilliant :) (Smile) Good tribute, good thing you were wrong ;) (Wink) +favlove

S_KuPeRS - Spirit Realm (plasmoid rmx)
I still think this is fabolous, the plasma effect is waaay nice! +favlove

T-K - Living Free (Red baron rmx)
Colors, layers... you know ;) (Wink) Great!

Tonic - Smut (hypno rmx)
I like it because it's a refreshing change to the usual style of your or any avs presets.

Tuggummi - Discotonic (spectrum remix)
Now were getting to the fun part :D (Big Grin) Oddly enough i like it even though you killed most of the effects ;) (Wink) The faint shine of orange gives it a great finishing touch.

Tuggummi - Gotta Catch em All! (city lights rmx)
"The rules are for your protection"

Tuggummi - New Wave Whirlpool (dry and clean rmx)
You did well with this one, the bump effect is sheer beauty to watch.

Tuggummi - Vectorized (DVD rmx)
Yup the original feeling is still there, but you still managed to make a totally new preset out of it :D (Big Grin) It's awesome. +favlove

Yathosho - Salad tosser (v.i.p) (curtain rmx)
Wow, that alpha blend dm really reminds me off those filler effects on Photopaint ;) (Wink) Great preset.

Zamuz - Brain Wash (Party Hazard rmx)
Omg. Tis is definetly the ultimate "Trip out" preset :D (Big Grin) Love the electrical&psychedelical looks of it, great response also. +favlove

Zxe - Nice and easy (ancient rmx)
Great preset again, the shapes and the framed look are good.

Comment+ (chapter 2)

D+ - Hyper Flow
Really a original flow preset, love the blue of course ;) (Wink) Great work Thumbs Up

D+ - Metallic
Love the wobble :) (Smile) Great colors also, beat detection isn't so noticeable, but that doesn't bother me too much. Great preset overall.

Electro (u)
Im diggin the colors and the metallic bump look to it a lot. Great response too.

Free your mind (extra groovy mix) (u)
Loved it before, love it now. Great preset.

Geisha (Super Smooth) (u)
Im diggin the pink a lot ;) (Wink) nice superscope also.

Lava lamp (u)
Awesome colors, i like the brown especially. Cool glow look to it too and i like the meatball:ish dm also :) (Smile)

Nuclear blobs (u)
Mmm aah, so smooth and sexy. Great blending.

Venomd (u)
First time i even see the friggin preset :D (Big Grin) Great colors and that combo of the flow and the circle background works well.

Comment+ (chapter 3)

D1 - 1980 (simone speaks remix) by Evilrice
Evilrice sure can do some fabolous geometrical presets. This is just soo über smooth and über sexy that im about to crap my pants. +favlove

D1 - Firebird (re-edit) by Degnic
Even better than the first one ;) (Wink) Great color combo.

D2 - Insanity (make me bad remix) by Evilrice
Awesome preset, the colors are just pure feast to the eyes and those squares look great. Awesome preset Clap +favlove

D3 - Stop (mutescreamer remix) by Skupers
I just can't figure out how you guys do these geometric eye candies... How can you mix circles and squares so well? Great remix by skupers, very original looking.

D4 - Inside My Mind (bana taffy remix) by Evilrice
I love the original colors, but the dynamove jiggles too fast...

D4 - Pornographic (durex remix) by Skupers
Damn this makes me horny baby! Very Randy indeed! yeah baby, yeah!!! Great work skupers :D (Big Grin)

D5 - Fury (extreme remix) by fsk
It's great to see some presets from fsk, he has been so silent for so long time... I love this remix, it's so simple and effective. +favlove

D5 - Party Bubbles (ghastly formations remix) by Evilrice
Damn that remix title fits in here good, awesome colors and those ripples are ever so lovely.

D5 - Spaceball (remix) by fsk
Fsk strikes again, love the zooming and those hypnotic circles. Lovely colors as well.

D6 - Darklight (five minutes before midnight)
I say, i really do like how the background and the blobs differ so much from each other.

D6 - Geisha (remade II) by Degnic
So this is where you needed that texer bitmap. Awesome preset indeed. +favlove :) (Smile) AND GREAT THING YOU MADE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR THAT YOU USED MY TEXER BITMAP! Laughing my ass off!

D6 - Nuclear Blobs (Pastel style rmx) by Zamuz
All i can say is wow... It's amazing how close to "photoshop quality" this is! The shadowing and the lighting are perfect and the rings are just so smooth. Great feeling of depth in here! +favlove .

Comment+ (end speech)
Remember what i said when saw the "What's going on minipak" ? I said that this pack would be the pack of the year, better than any whacko's, sighto's or breako's :D (Big Grin) And it was! It's unbelievable how much work you put to this pack and how you still managed to remain the quality constant. 147 presets! And not one single bad preset in it, that's gotta be some sort of a record. You did well, you should be proud. Too bad you say that this will be your last pack... but somehow i just know you're going to come pack someday. You must, you're too good to leave forever. Heh, your comment on the Whirlpool mix made me laugh&cry, thank you for introducing me to this site and thanks for asking me twice to be part of the FF-team ;) (Wink) And for all, thanks for being a fellow avs-artist and giving advice. Thank you Degnic.

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skupers's avatar
Wow, man this is huge. I'll review this masterpiece (that's also why it got daily deviation) chapter by chapter.

Chapter 1: You're still one of the best remixers in this scene and this chapter proves it. My favourites were Spiralesque, Miraculous Flow, Cleanroom, Travelling Concentricity, Rela, Northen Lights (those colors), Evilcookie (stylish), Redcross, Nonsolidas, Living Free, Hyper Smooth (nice colors), Cromatized Slumps. The remixes all have those amazing colors and you selected some nice well-known and lesser-known presets to remix.

Chapter 2: Ofcourse we already know of the amazing piece of art that is desibel 6. The new preset Hyper Flow is amazing with it's different layers. Metallic seemed a bit boring and needs a bit more movement in my opinion. My favourites from the updated presets were: Cold White Light, Fractal, Free Your Mind (groovy ;) (Wink) ), Geisha, Nuclear Blobs.

Chapter 3: Ah, the remixes. I did make a lot of those. Everyone did a good job and it was fun to watch the different takes on the presets. My favourites were: Firebird (your version), Blockwall, Insanity, Grashopper, Stop, Inside my mind, Vega, Spaceball, Electro, Nuclear Blobs (Zamuz is talented indeed).

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maxpudding's avatar
Put it this way, i wasn't here to see it got dd, so don't blame me if i don't comment...=P (Razz) Anyways, congrats and im going to download it now. Finally, a new pack to see!!! I need rest from studying too, dude =D (Big Grin)
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amphirion's avatar
Yeah!!!....HEX YEAH!!!!
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stardust's avatar
Damn, I wish I could see this, but i'm far away from my computer (writing this in an internet caffe). I have to wait until september...
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evilrice's avatar
evilrice|Hobbyist Photographer
Well, boom, here it is! Of course we've all been waiting for this, and even if we weren't, I sure was ;) (Wink) . A fabulous amount of work equals a fabulous amount of presets...all you people out there take note. Way to exit with a bang dude!

And, I'm very curious what phrases your english teacher didn't think were real? I'll whoop that persons ass! Send me a note about this if you get a chance.

I think my eye hurts Laughing


Chapter 1: Burnlounge (great flow and colors), Tripconium (This looks great, good choice with the slow movement), Nayon (cool blending effect), Cleanroom (I like this effect in deed), Travelling Concentricity (the yellow/blue/white and on beat response are keen), Relax (the background it leaves with the responsive foreground is very nice), Snakefood (I like the design), Dream Chaser (very relaxing indeed), Follow us (my fave in this chapeter, very smooth), Inspired by Degnic (good details for a good preset), Spirit Realm (glows so pretty), Living Free (great look, second fave in this chapeter), Vectorized (very cool look), Mon Returnz (pretty), Salad tosser (great style)

Chapter 2: Let me just say that is pak is now awesome, the updates all look so great, very aestically pleasing. Like the others have said, I would totally use this in a party man!

Chapter 3: Pornographic (mmm, pussymints, now in new tuggummi flavor), Vega (remade) (nice colors), Fury (I love the trails on this one, very smooth), Spaceball (great style), Nuclear Blobs (both remixes look good), Worms (LK) (simple and effective)

+fav phew!
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zen-x's avatar
Very nice, vey nice indeed...

Love the colours and the general feel of the presets, they look clean without loosing that pschodelic atmosphere that makes AVS what it is. Quite unique as well definity throwing off the more obvious foibles of avs creation.

In conclusion wicked and bad.


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jheriko's avatar
jheriko|Professional Digital Artist
Wow! What can I say... amazing is the most apt adjective I can think of. So many presets and most of them are top quality presets. The 'clean' shading and colours are very well done in these presets resulting in great visual quality as well as unique presets. I especially like the fractal presets, they are pulled off very well.

Definately a +fav

Great work. :) (Smile)
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doggydog231286's avatar
Probably the biggest pack ever, and one of the best packs ever. VERY nice.
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anubis2003's avatar
Awesomatic. These are gr8. A huge collection, and they're [almost] all worth watching. I like over 90% of them. WOOT!
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phaze87's avatar
Woohooooo! This is the ultimate shit! Superb job,i love what you did with my preset :) (Smile) +fav
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maky's avatar
maky|Hobbyist General Artist
LOVE IT, even if there are a couple of squares i don't expecially like, the others r wonderful!!!
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rustkill's avatar
There's some great stuff in there! It's going to be a while before I even have a chance to try all of then... I'm alreday impressed with some of the ones I've seen though. Good compilation!
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