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Soooo finally i got to update my gallery for you guys and girls to look :)

well and there's still lots of works to update here but they are at my home computer.

till then you get to see my half  improvement

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So i have been lazy as ever posting stuff here :D

Thou i have done at least a ton of new art work and developed new techniques and averything :)

AND MOST OF ALL !!! it's really nice to see lot of improvement on my friends :) keep going on it !!!

hopefully i get some energy post stuff here :D propably not :D ...not. I WILL !!!
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so i bought the newest intuos4 model size of and A4=large.

man i knew that when i buy this i start drawing again like grazy... and so i did...

last year and a half have been guite lazy for me... but this time things will hopefully be different for me... more drawing less talking !

so lets se what will happen and stay tuned !!!

thank you for watchin 8)
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ou shit it's allready 9 months since my last update...

sorry my friends ;<

i havent done anything in here for soo loong... by the way this new look looks great...

today I'll post atleast one pic so peeps get what they "want" :D

and from thursday forward i'll start commenting back to all of you !!!

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It's been five moths since I did anything in here. No post no comments nothing. My deepest apologies to those who have waited me. There has happened so much !

I moved in to a new apartment, gained many new friends and met many new interesting people. Some of those were little deeper than other but still everyone so memorable. There has been few crushs too <3 but nothing fancy about it. Still looking ^^

Couse of my moving to new apartment I have had really peacefull working time. Thou you haven't seen what i have done, but I'll guarantee that you will see. The biggest reason for my absence was my computer not doing it's job properly. In other words it was broken and I got it back to me fixed yesterday. I'm so happy now I can paint and show my stuff to you <3

Mostly I have drawn with pencils this time and got better and better with expressing myself with it. Learned new ways to do things and stuff like that... new stuff :P I'm so exited to paint some of those drawings to colour and life.

Also there is little thing...  I have found my motivation again and the burning desire to draw and paint. You'll see how passionate I am for what I do.

It's been a wierd and tough year, fullfilled with many emotions and many happenings. Many things have changed but from now on. I know one thing for sure ! There's one thing that doesn't leave me... It's art. It's gointo stay with me to the end. Seasons come on go every year. Memories born and fade. But art stays... it's there even when I die.

But without further ad... I end this journal at 00:13 my time and go have some pizza and then to some nice bar.

In next journal I will tell my plans as on artist. Projects and stuff like that. peace out <3
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there have been couple of peeps who have asked trough note that am'i still alive or so... coz i haven't done anything in 2 moths and before that nothing eather...

i'm alive and what's more important I FEEL very much alive... AGAIN !!!
there have been good times and bad times but it doesnt matter... what matter to you is my works !!! right... o.O ...? i wont bable about my personal life ewer again... exept some good things... for now oon it's art related shit ;P

SOOO... i'm really sorry for that last journal... it was so angsty ;< hah i readed it trough first time in 2 months... it was so hilarious now to think what i wrote :D i sounded really suicidal >.< LOL and ouh i deleted it for that very same reason... you'll get only wrong ideas of me... :)


this is the promise i make to all of you my watchers... i have new works and i will post them in next week... and i will start working hard !!! and i keep my promises !!!

even thou it's boring as hell, posting stuff to internet... i will do it... :D I'll be pleased when i know you'l see my works...

ha ha... i have one poet made, should i post it... it's was from the time when i was little "sic" so it might be a little sad ;P you tell me !!!?

and for the fan art lovers try to bare a little longer... coz theres no fan arts ready or near to be even starting... exept one work has been in back of my head for a really long time... but try to like my own productions aswell !!!

and again... i'm feeling great !!!
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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 28, 2007, 4:22 PM
What's a "commission"?

First of all, you may ask; "what is a commission?". Simple answer to that is, a paid request. Its where you pay the artist to draw what ever you like, it can be OCs, Fanarts, etc...

Commissions and Info Rates

Hi, I will now open my commission status because  someone may want one. And i need new tools to draw better shit. Pay in mind that it won't be that cheap. I put a lot of effort into this.

Ofcourse I researched and checked the regular prices and did comparisons to others so the prices i listed are reasonable. Believe it or not, its really cheap, some charge $200 for a cellshaded picture, and thats not including the additional characters!

But yeah, mine are in great values that everyone could afford ^^. I will be increasing prices over time by 2~5%. Also i will offer deals such as, spend over $150 and you can get a 5%, now thats alot of discount.

Some commissions are expenssive because once you get a copy of your commissioned work, you can do what ever you want to it, make different prints for example. 300DPI is the standard size for printing, thats what makes it expenssive, you can make it to a poster if you like and it wont even lose quality.

But heres a note to you guys, DO NOT BE TRICKED BY COMMISSIONERS WHO SEND YOU A 72DPI SIZE FINAL PIECE. That would be cheating, since its just like you paid that person to draw, but not to draw FOR YOU. So yeah, check out my journal and I hope to hear from you ^^.

I will :

    - anything you want me to draw
    - 10 commissions at the time

I won't:

    - Deadlines. I'll do them in my own free time. I have to work for others too. so no rush.
    - Offensive Message

Method of Payment

Sorry but I ONLY to accept Paypal. I will start the commission as soon as I receive a payment. Do not pay me unless I confirmed that will do your commission. If I have finished a commission while you sent the payment like 1 week ago, I will show you a "proof" image. It will only be a small copy, not the full resolution ^^. Payments that are received first will obviously have the handicap of getting their commission first. I will be working in a "1st come, 1st serve" basis ^^.

If you are paying through paypal, please please please state in the note what commission you booked and your NICKNAME in DA, not your real name, because i get confused who the paymant came from. ok?

How to book

    1)Send me a note with the subject; 'Commission' including details. +email
    2)If you have specific needs then please suggest.
    3)I will confirm your commission via my note, mail or journals.
    4)You send the payment

NOTE: ALL rates are about values... we can negotiated a little about them

Line-art drawings: Say how you like it, Inked or Pencil Sketch

Portraits (bust shot)
$20 (additional character +$15)

Full Body
$30 (additional characters +$18)

Shadowed drawings, mostly really detailled.

Portraits (bust shot)
$25 (additional character +$16)

Full Body
$50 (additional characters +$32)

Real life drawings from your friends or relatives
depends on detail, comlexity, style and time spend on it

it can be 30$ to 600$

Colour Pieces: This includes line-art drawn by me. All of these will include a very simple back ground, if none...

Soft Shading
$90 (additional characters +$40)

Paintings :

Painting (Black&White Illustration)
$150 (additional characters +$80)

Painting (Full colour Illustration)
$230 (additional characters +$130)

Fully Rendered Painting (Black&White quality project. this will include the background)
$290 (additional characters +$80)

Fully Rendered Painting (Full colour quality project. this will include the background)
$400  (additional characters +$150)

Environments Depending on it's complexity it's

$50 - $250 in Black&White

and $100 - $400 in full colour


i'll be updating the sample pic's later. But for now you can just browse my galery to get the idea.

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Easiest and funniest contest you'll EVER

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 5, 2007, 5:23 PM

details you can see here…

remember to fave the article if you like the idea. More exposure more fun...

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But to be more detailled about the description



Camera, any kind of shitty or pro, as long as you can get photo with it ...from yourself or a friend.



I'am the judge. I may ask opinion about certain things from my friends but the final decision is made by me.



Person in that image can be you or your friend, mom or any person you can foto and is fotoed for this competition. No limitations in any way just full face shown. But other tips to get better standing on competiton. And more surely win a drawing. Dont cut the picture from your fore head, or any other critical point. It can be full shot from your body. So it doesn't have to be face shot. I like interesting people so make yourself look interesting... funny costume or make-up, the enviroment can be special... clothing is something unique or special... MAKE IT POP FROM THE POP. So it doesn't have to be normal you... it can be full color or black & white B&W is better for me...

and the judging will happen with in 2 weeks after the dead-line expires.(if im not totally covered with work)



You have to post it on Deviantart. Chose gategory to be best fit to your picture. In tittle you have to write >>FOR DEF'S COMPETITION<< you can add other stuff in but that is must read.

In description there should be read in first this >>THIS IS MY ENTRY FOR DEFTONYS-MUSE'S :icondeftonys-muse: COMPETITION<< if you dont know how to make that icon write : icondeftonys-muse : without spaces. All the other info you can enter after that text

and after that send note to me titled CONTEST ENTRY.



Dead lines is last day of july. So 31.7.2007



5 to 10. Depends on number of competitors.Will get a Drawing from ME Drawing will be from the photo you'we taken. Quality of the drawing will be 2-4 hours each. Or more if i get too excited.

And i tought it would be best that there is ONE grand prize. So the BEST picture will get really hi-quality drawing from me. 10-20 hours.

I can send the drawings if it's a total must. But i dont take any fault if post messes the delivery.


Reason for title rules is to get as many people join as possible. If you can advertise this fun by fave this "news". Or any other means I'd apreciate it

i hope you have fun taking pictures from you and your partners.


Confident about myself... and JOB needed

Journal Entry: Sat May 26, 2007, 6:51 AM
okay nobody get 6,666 print screen so no drawing... in fact someone got... but faked it first so... no drawing neather...

but for the main thing... well i ques you knew that i was in audiovisual media school... see that WAS... so i quit the school... i didn't learn anything or at leat anything that would be important to me... so new shool or no school at all...

cos i can learn any shit they can teach.... in books and on my own... and the thnig is i teach my self more faster and eficient in my own... my recent painting skills are not form the school.. cos it was about anything else exept painting... i'we just trained hard... 8h in a day is quite good number for my practice... and now it paying if... so i can be broud of myself finally...

but there comes already block's in the way... like money... if no job no money... and tought i could do simple... paints for books and companies to advertise their products... but not sure where to contact... but i will find out it...

also if some one wants commission me about something just shoot... i'll o anything with the right price...

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okay my page wiews are reading 6,637 now the one who gets print screen from 6,666 gets "quick" doodle from me of her or hes choise...

i'we been awake now over 15 hours and i still keep going but.. i will go sleeping when i have done few stuffs...

but that was it all... nothing more... enjoy your life while you can...
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  • Watching: succest something... if you even read this
  • Playing: cronicles of riddick
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okay i feature inkthinker :iconinkthinker:

hes really good. he animates and draw lines in here dA
he made really good journal entry just recently...…

i think ewerybodys should read it.. cos it's exatly what i think about the subject...

it may not be straight note how to emprove but for me it was like yeah... thats what im doing and thinking... and im new school and hes oldshool guys...


and for the naruto fanart you just have to wait a little bit longer so i can finish my portfolio stuffs... and by the way it's going to be ITACHI :D

also if someone noticed i cleaned my gallery a lot... they were like shit so they are in scraps or in storage... also i'm doing friends cut just right now... way to many.. and in my "new" artistik eyes they are not so great anymore...

ps. my deviation section show that my freinds have posted 868 deviations soo.. (FUCKING MUCH) waiting to have subscription again and i will watch all of em...

have a nice weekend honeys <3
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okay i'w been sick now 4 days and i cant see stop to this...

i cant sleep cos i have so much liquid in my nose that i cant breath with my nose... and i cant sleep with my mouth wide open... trying to get some oxygen...

normally my mouth would be just a little open so my droll can get out... but now there should be oxygen coming in and out at the same time... and the droll... no no no... no cant do :D

well thats me being for my subject

lately i have been more comfort to post my own drawings in here...
i can tell that theres many of them... but now im suffering from artistic depressions ...again and all my works looks like shit

it was this close (fingers together) that i didnt  remove all my pics
atleast that would have been the thing you'we wanted ^^

but this morning when i had no sleep at all... (can i call it morning then...o_O) im not so depressend when i got to bed... WOW progress...


i'm gonna do it.. and all by my self... lines ideas and all that stuff... and colors too :D

tell me which character you wanna see the most...

keep em comming...
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Wed Mar 21, 2007, 5:03 AM
okay featuring etoli's :iconetoli: contest

details u can see here…

u have to color that same pic as i did... mine looks like shit... but u can make it better

sooo thats for it...

........own stuff

well i got soooo fooockhing much school work right now... i hate it... so i dont do it and "save" it for later and now it's the "later"...

have to write huge piles of stories and so on...

and only thing now i want to do is paint... when i really have mood for it...(like i dont have the mood for it allways >_<...) and i can't do it coz i have school works >__< aurgh...

but life is shit and shit happens so... what was the meaning of the sentence... o_O dunno hah hah LOL

but piece out...





ja suomalaisille harhakuva
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On Medication.. x_X

Wed Mar 14, 2007, 6:16 AM
heh i had 2nd time in doctor last monday.. for my sleeoing problems... well now i'm on medication ^^ just sleeping pils ^^

damn elsevilla hes so good so i have to color hes lines... then i can focus to something else... ^^ training etc...

and first feature returning feature cos he featured me ^^ so :iconmrturn: line artsit go check him out

i'm trying to make 1 journal per week... and feature people...

and if some one is interested in commissions by me... drawings, paintings, photomanips etc etc... just note me and ask... i'm available... just have to set the price :D





ja suomalaisille harhakuva
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future plans...

Sun Mar 4, 2007, 5:31 PM
okay its been while since i wrote in here... i have some stuff to tell...

okay i got my pic ready in time.. but now i think that it doesnt make the inside the book covers... i just got my expose 4 copy and its like serious shit in it >_<

i'm so nervous about my future.. i dont know what im gonna be... do i goingto have enough skill to match the pros...

but the main thing is that my future plans... is to get fame.. and get a lot more skill...

my plans for next couple of months is that i dont do any serious stuff... just practicing... and more practicing... speed paints... sketch.. lots of reading... self teaching and so on... so dont wonder why my quality of work may fall down... cos i dont put effort so much into it... and if i'm going to be professional... i have to be fast...

when the newyear was i promised to myself make me popular this year... (pagewiews) i even decided to advertise myself ^^ quaranteed page wiews >_< it cost but i'm gonna achieve my goals no matter what... and all help is apreciated in all ways... i return the favor ..for sure :nod

wow it sound so dramatic >_< LOL !!! heh heh clock is 3:20 am and i'm tired as hell in the morning when i have to get up at 5:10 am

and if some one is interested in commissions by me... drawings, paintings, photomanips etc etc... just note me and ask... i'm available... just have to set the price :D

and i want new friend :nod it doesnt matter if its on net or irl doesnt matter just talk to me <3

<3 love and happines to you all... o_O





ja suomalaisille harhakuva
  • Listening to: opeth
  • Reading: lots of different kind of books about art
  • Watching: some dvd tutos
  • Playing: maybe if i have time prince of percia III
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  • Drinking: 1st milk and 2nd pepsi
im feeling quite low right now... drinking beer hoping it would help, but it seems it doesn't...

i'm feeling quite shitty right now... feels like i have no friends at all and and those that exists... feels like they are falling apart.. especially that most important one the relationship with my girl friend...

but it isnt just that... theres more...

i have lots of pressure right now... lots of school work is under construction... and they all should be ready at next week... something like 10 is undone...

i have to do portfolio to firms so that they would get buy works from me... old ones wont work coz they are like shit... my teacher suggested it... but before that i ave one big project going on...

and at the same time it depresses coz the same techer said to me that theres nothing he can teach to me any more... so no one left in shool to teach me stuff... so all stuff i have to learn by my self... but he allso praised me a lot for my skills now days , my quick learning and hard work on this that cheered up a pit but not enought...

and that big project is that i'm doing one pic to the expose 5. ballistick publiching, so i would get my name hear if it gets inside the book covers...

sorry for this shitty journal... but if somebody wants to talk bullshit then pick my msn adress and start talkin ^^ i'm wating... =P

soon i'll make a new journal to knok this down... and for to have lots of critique on my work so i can make it perfect...
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damn last night i had freaally goood session with my self... and photoshop >_<

we didn't had school today so i figured to use my ispiration when i have it... coz last week i didnt have it... >_<

i painted trought night to about 06:35 am... man i was totally out when i got in bed...

it was real fun... i browsed galleries on internet and at the same time i tryed paint but most of the time i just browsed pages...

but this next one what im working on... is a wow... ^^ IMO

now i'm quite hilarios coz my sleeping time was so small... XD

buut now i finally got em trough... all deviations that others have made... it was showing today 428 deviations... i just tought now or newer... and now its done... it took ages to look all of them and make faves...

by the way i think i have good taste on cg's so browse my faforites for pros and so on...

peace out...

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yeah today i have been in dA totally one year.. yeah ^^ thank u for supporting me... and my so called "art"

but now to the real subject:

okay theres been lots of things in past months that i hade to do... i've been really busy... lots of lots of thing going on... so that is the reason why i havent answered to ur comments or posted new stuff...

in next week i try to answer to eweryone...

and one thing... i got my subscribtion thingie working and i got my first print added ^^

and i start those feature stuffs in next week allso i have more time then... ^^

if u have any questions i'm more than pleased to answer to them... it can be from anything..
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god damn i'm pist of right now... !!!

i have fight before with my deviantart gallery some times my scraps shows in my deviation gallery and some times when i but works to scraps they wont go there

and all my deviations show fullsize view ZERO no matter what even if i but my friend to look it large !!!

fucking peace of shit


it's there but it isn't... !!! it wont show on deviation gallery and not in the scraps folder...

when i type to that SEARCH ART bar  by:deftonys:muse

it will show all my art... including my two newest deviation... there isn't no other way to wiew it for me.. for now...

tell me if you see them clearly no broblem at all and stuff like that


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