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Lily and Severus

Okay. It's harder to step away from Fanart than I thought.

But I figured, why not. I've never put up a Harry Potter piece before, and I've got tons of original stuff planned out, so a little fanart here and there can't hurt. Besides, it's technically a gift for my dear friend, Katie, who is so obsessed with the books that if JK Rowling had pulled a Robert Jordan and died before completing the last book, then Katie would have been the obvious choice to finish it.

She definitely wouldn't have killed Fred, that's for sure.

I am quite pleased with how this turned out. I got a little lazy with the shading by the end, because I was determined to submit this before going to bed, but I still think it looks all right.

Oh, and this is not necessarily a romantic thing, at least on Lily's part. If you'd like to interperet it as that, be my guest, but it's also just an indepth, and happy conversation between childhood friends at Hogwarts, before it all went to hell. I think we can all relate to that in some way... Maybe not the Hogwarts part. The Snape chapter in the seventh book was my absolute favorite.

Yes, I'm a closet Harry Potter fan, sue me.


Snape and Lily pwn3d by JK Rowling


Tree :iconpockybrewster:

Grass :iconkelhemp:

Water :iconearthenskye:

Bench :iconresurgere:
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you just admitted you are a harry potter fan on deviantart you are no longer "in the closet" so to speak
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and this where Snape would awkwardly yell "WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME!?" XD
lidsworth's avatar
did Lilly just even lone Snape?
InexperiencedDeviant's avatar
Your Lily kind of looks like Daphne from Scooby Doo. Awesome art though.
This is adorable! I love it!
gckinsey's avatar
What a sweet interaction between them... I love this! =D
phantomdeviant's avatar
I like how this focuses on their friendship when it was good and happy. Dammit, I wish they hadn't stopped being friends.
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u may hate this comment but look wer snapes left hand is
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He was totally groping himself.
the-notebooks-voice's avatar
lily is flirting with him so much poor Snape...
TickledTeru-kittens's avatar
i know... D: and even worse, do u know what it feels like to have to watch the one you love be with someone else, and remain silent while they never know you love them? ...i do. and he understands that too, thats what i lika about him. im sure you understand too.
the-notebooks-voice's avatar
sadly yes i do understand how that feels... :( it make you misrable and it hurts sooo dearly... so yep i feel his pain.
TickledTeru-kittens's avatar
:( i see, well im glad im not alone when it comes to knowing that horrid feeling. i just wish i didnt have to endure it. i feel so vulnerable and alone. ... thanks for what u said tho.
the-notebooks-voice's avatar
welcome i understand and i always feel bad for snape, it hurts, and it hurts everyone... ever wanna talk you know where to find
the-notebooks-voice's avatar
Yes unfortinatly i do YEP!
It's a misrable feeling... ( ignore poor spelling)
Love it! Lily's entire outfit is cute. Even though it's not exactly how the Hogwarts uniform looks, I'd definitely wear it. ^^ I love the vines and Sev's hair! Great job!
crueltyinpoetry's avatar
AHHHHH!!! YOUR STUFF HAS GOTTEN FREAKIN MORE AMAZING!!! yo i feel like a classmate who just bumped into you years latter and discovered you had grown up... WOW AWSOME!
DeficientAtLife's avatar
WHOA! Where the heck have you been?! It's been for freakin ever!

And thanks so much! I discovered the wonders of texturing.
crueltyinpoetry's avatar
For sure and its marvelous! I vill be stalking and commenting your work once more! MUAHAHA! and where I've been is without internet... since i moved out last year and lost contact with my deviant buddies... have missed you guys and will be watching! hehehe...
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Sorry it too me so long to respond! Like literally...forever. Thank you so much though for using my stock! I love the picture, and it is neat to see the two of them together!
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Hey, thanks so much for putting that up! It was a great help! And thanks for the fave! =D :glonp:
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Its nice to see a happy Sev
DeficientAtLife's avatar
I know, right? I'd like to think that he was happy when with her.
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