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Join Us! All DEFIANCE fans welcome!

We are looking to recruit artists to join and make submissions. If you or anyone you know has some work they want to show off, our group will gladly represent any artist.

Defiance-World is a group for people who love fan art. We accept all art regardless of quality or medium. We will take fan art for the Defiance TV series and video game.

Please see the following guidelines/rules:

1) Any art submitted to Feature folder will be denied.

2) Please submit art to proper folders...if we don't have a folder for your art please send a message and I will make one that is appropriate.

3) Members are NOT REQUIRED to submit art!

4) Group Suggestions are always welcome! Just send a note.

5) To stay informed on group news/events PLEASE make sure you have the journals active on your watch list.

6) Enjoy!!
I tried to submit this to the Fan Fiction section, but it appears the Moderators of this group haven't been here in some time (in fact, I've tried submitting three times, no results).  So, for your consideration everyone, this is a fan fiction story meant to resolve the story of my Arkhunter Chase Lonehart and his Indogene girlfriend, Iri Sewul (pronounced "Airy Say-well").  The story is in dedication of the show and the game, as well as to the users of the Defiance RP Forum which had been active from 2013 to 2019 (whom I left without resolving my characters' storylines).  The story features Amanda Rosewater and Meh Yewll (the clone left in the tank underground where the Omec set up show, which in the RP was released and replaced the real Yewll, whom we know went off with Nolan at the end of Season 3).  I will admit, it was hard writing it, but I hope you find it enjoyable.  And if you want to check out the RP Forum, you can check out the description of the story.

The End of the Road:…
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