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Children are like snowflakes.
They are fragile -
in need of attachment to survive.
They are explorers -
like snowflakes looking for a crevice,
children are, but looking for several more.
Each is different – each sees through their own lens
with unique personalities, interests, thoughts…
As each snowflake is different than another,
each child is as well.
As one stops to look at glimmering snowflakes,
so we also observe children.
They intrigue us -
a wonder, always they are.
:icondefajoey:defajoey 0 0
People as Clouds
I am a cloud in a world full of clouds.
People call me shy;
I see myself as low-lying fog.
Fog-the thick stuff right in front of your eyes,
So think you can’t see through it…
Until you’ve crossed into the inside.
I don’t see myself as above others,
So I’m low to the ground.
Other clouds –
Storm clouds, and those clouds you can imagine as anything your heart desires,
And the wispy ones high up in the skies…
They are dramatic and charming, but what are they really?
Some clouds become ripped apart by cars, but others are ripped apart by planes.
Is there even a cloud never caught, never ripped apart in any motion?
For really, we are all as each other.
:icondefajoey:defajoey 1 0
If you could sing a song,
What would you sing?
None can truely breathe,
all have gone dumb into silence.
Once I dreamed of things deep,
but now I have forgotten how.
I have forgotten my name,
and your name is lost too.
If you could talk,
what would be your first words?
Would you describe yourself,
or describe someone else?
Would words be of love or hate?
Would they even be words at all?
Are the bones made of fear,
or of mercies and compassion?
:icondefajoey:defajoey 3 3
There, see the foreboding forest
billowing with the smoke of angry men.
You can see the fear in their eyes
as they march along forward.
Lovely, lively,
and full of good fortune.
A pat on the back
becomes the last farewell.
A life endured,
far, far, below.
Below heaven,
In morality's death maze.
:icondefajoey:defajoey 2 4
Red river sandcastles,
they drip with my blood,
staining everything.
Water rushes overtop but stains remain.
Catch a dream in the prairie air.
Giving up at a pin-drop.
A breath is a hug.
A breath touches the crying soul more than sorrow itself.
Dreams are gold.
:icondefajoey:defajoey 4 6
Weekly thoughts o.o 8/24 o.o
I love you, don’t drop yet.
Keep strong, keep fighting.
A soldier never forgets his/her comrades.
Young, small, old, ever…
We are all the same.
We hit our prime together.
We are always at our prime.
We can believe we’re in a fantasy.
Life is hard.
Mr. Murphy loves us all.
We’re in a fantasy when we call ourselves easy.
Life is only easy when you’re in the wrong place.
Keep fighting, keep fighting hard.
“He lost his battle, and I salute his fight.”
:icondefajoey:defajoey 0 0
Weekly thoughts o.o 8/15 o.o
You create a twisted sunset
under which your plot thickens.
Your plot - to watch me as I heave
a large weight onto my shoulders.
Your victory, your crime, or your impossibility?
No one in the world as we know it
knows anything about the struggle of the lost, hopeful soldier.
The soldier fails to relax
as he plods around to no end.
His thoughts stop him from sleeping,
and his many dreams keep him spotted with insanity.
He runs in terror to a great rock;
he takes the rock and continues to run.
And you, you have the nerve to watch.
:icondefajoey:defajoey 4 7
Some Thoughts on Death
Somedays death settles in her iron threshold;
Bodies tangle, flying towards the ends of the earth.
The old angels told me the secret of the new angels -
they told me that lilies come in autumn,
and rain comes in drought.
Why they said this,
they said they could not tell.
Bringers of secrets in the moonlit night,
bringing the secrets to the shearer’s patients
in the damp hallways of their underground hospitals.
Fiery destruction,  blood in the dungeons, deathly hollows,
broken springs, dried up wells,
parched throats, parched brains.
:icondefajoey:defajoey 2 3
Call a doctor, call a doctor
A bronze halo overhead
Oh I need a remedy
Would the angels sing for me
Spend some money, spend some time
What will I leave here on earth
Playing with my daddy, working with my daddy
Where are those angels I used to see
I’m suffering memory loss…
Long days, long nights, tears in the eyes
A visitation for lonely hearts
Can tears make a waterfall,
Cascading to a beautiful mess below;
Or can tears form mountains,
Worthy to be climbed in order to find
The treasure on the other side;
Or perhaps tears dig a hole,
To fall into, and become trapped inside,
But maybe tears might just build a staircase,
A ladder, heading to heaven,
Where memories can be laid aside,
And it will always be the good old times…
Well dad, if I ever lost you…
I’d die right alongside you.
A reason to build a ladder
So tall it’d set a record :)
:icondefajoey:defajoey 3 8
Love is coming in the blink of an eye.
It's when you don't know why.
You won't find me, you never will try.
So here and now I say goodbye.
You need your thimble to cover your fingers.
You're so afraid of my stabs - you fret, fret, fret.
you'll remember me, because I murdered you.
Your thimbles do nothing.
Brazen ashes cover your slate.
The sun blinds and your glass shudders.
Remembrance is a sad yet beautiful things.
The auras are crystalline gold.
:icondefajoey:defajoey 0 0



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Destiny (:
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
:) I'm 22, I'm a university student, I'm a super senior and I'm majoring in Early Childhood Education, minoring in Human Development Family Studies, and working towards an ESL (English as a Second Language) endorsement. Feel free to look around my page. :)




1. You must post these rules.

2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.

3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.

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Ten Facts about me........
1. I play soccer. alot. like. all my extra time in the summer. 
2. Allergic to soap. (seriously)
3. I hate chocolate.
4. Love little kids. :)
5. love 'the middle' people say i sorta resemble sue heck! XD
6. chess state champion, shooting state champion junior/senior year of high school :)
7. I'm in 7+ clubs and organizations where i go to school. XD
8. If I do or don't have the time to volunteer someplace, I volunteer. 
9. social media addict. (tryin
g to break away)
I love life, try to live it to the fullest, and I'm often critisicized that people can't live with as much sleep as I get.

Questions from :iconaragorn2001:
1. Whats your favorite colour?
A. purple
2. Whats your favorite 
A. Cars / October Baby
3. Whats your favorite animal?
A. polar bear
4. Whats your favorite book? (if you dont read, skip this question)
A. many favorites :) can't pick one :P
5. Who is your favorite celebrity?
A. my cousin who survived 9/11 :) 

6. Who is your favorite singer or band?
A. Avian
7. What is your favorite song?
A. Leave out all the rest - LP
8. What is your favorite website?
A. facebook :)
9. What is your favorite thing to do?
A. hang out outside :) or work ;)
10. What is your favorite food?
A. ice cream :P

Questions for people I'm tagging:
1. Whats your favorite thing to do with your friends?
2. favorite high school experience?
3. favorite dance?
4. favorite TV show?
5. what do you do when you're bored?
6. champion at anything?
7. most boring thing you've done?
8. ever fallen in love? (yes/no)
9. like stuffed animals? (kid's toys to most people)
10. like politics?

People I'm tagging:

hopes I did not forget anything (:


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