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REUC - Carlos Oliveira

It's poseable :D but before you get too excited and later say I tricked you lol the model doesn't have finger bones,the best I could do is replace the static triple hands he had with one only. Also no face bones...except for the eyeballs,but don't play too much with those if you dont want a cross eyed Carlos,or worse. (the z axis is fine)
Original bones renamed for easy posing.

Resident Evil © Capcom
Carlos model from Umbrella Chronicles,extracted and converted by me (fullmoon)
© 2011 - 2021 deexie
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you dont have him in .obj ?
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you know what are you my friend?.. you are the man!.. please repeat with me.. " i am the man "
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Ok...I'm the man! :w00t: Although I'm ♀ :giggle:
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what the?!! oh sorry about that man >.< .. im getting used to see dudes using pictures of girls at the avatar... and mostly because you were dealing with 3d models i assumed you were a nerd dude like me,man.. but now i went to your gallery and see some of your pictures.. you're a girl omg!.. i cant talk to you anymore, thanks for the model though that was very nice of you!..

especialy because the only 3dshader program i use is milkshape 3D, and it cannot open mesh files let alone convert then so.. yea..

im gonna look at your pictures again escuse moi
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how can open it!!?? ill try with 3DS MAX and milkshape and i cant helpme please :]
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It's for XNALara :)
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Yes xD its seems so... xD hey i dont know how use it ...., [ill install and ill try it...but i want to import it to SMD,3DS or something like that u can help me? [ill gice ur credit when release it]
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Thank u so much for doing this model helps out so much for me :) really appreciate it and do u know about a ashley and a luis model out there thanks :)
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U welcome :) There's no Luis model,but there are 2 Ashley models (regular and bonus costume) by :icono0crofty0o: The models are down right now cause she's updating all her models.
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alright i got my first couple of requests and its so exciting for me i dont want to let the person down asking for the pictures :) thank u very much for telling me
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No problem, good luck with the pics :D
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thanks i am soo nervous thank u for carlos
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carlos yeah

now for BILLY COEN!!!
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omg this is amazing, nice work D: omg you are great
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xD finally someone extracted him
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Yaaaay! Carlos! I have wanted him forever! :love:
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I have wanted Carlos for XNALara for forever!!!
The only one I could ever find was for DAZ 3D only and since I don't have that I was pissed :laughing:
But now I can finally use him!! :love:

Thanks sooo much!
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YAY!!!! I love him! Thank you so much!! :hug: you rock!
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it will do for now, hope for a full posable one soon
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great job.
do you have plans to make it 100% poseable?
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I don't know how to add bones at this moment :slow: but maybe someone else will :)
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well i hope someone pics up the task
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