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Falling Rose Petals

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© 2014 - 2022 deexie
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I'm trying to download, unfortunately it says that it was not found. Error 404

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download link plzz
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Look at the description again

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The pictured was in here. Thank you very much!! 
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btw, you can do the same thing but with white feathers ?
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You know, I actually thought about feathers before :D I might try.
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Im still happy same if you don't put my work " Little Pride Marie Rose" to fav last, you enjoy my work 
deexie's avatar
That's just cause I'm really not a fan of Marie Rose, as a character :)
ADS04's avatar
Ok,i very understand ^^
You know : i'm not a bad guy saying " I hate you cause you don't like my favourite character ! " or bullshit like this...same Dante -564 i very understand why he's dont like Marie Rose 
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Yeah, a lot of people do that sadly...and it's just immature. Like we can still get along even if they don't like the same things. :tardgrinn: 
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yeah but i consider you like great a respectful deviant/artist
i love so much your work:love:
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Beautifully captured!!
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.о.))) Dl'd :D very cool))
...File blocked for violation?
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Hm, strange...A few including this one were giving me a message that the "file was blocked due to a ToS violation"... I'll try again soon...  You might keep a closer eye on it.
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sweet model
thank you for sharing :)
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Waow it's most wonderful !
i guessing it's one by one but i are a great artist :D
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I added this to my stock pages below 

"Here is another version made with my stock Falling Rose Petals by deexie done by found at… and in case of deletion found here at my Dropbox…."
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