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Bedroom Furniture Pack

Extracted from "Bloody Good Time"
Property of Outerlight

Bedroom Furniture (BGT)
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Genial tu trabajo... Felicitaciones... Gracias por compartir...!!!
IsaCrisis's avatar
Oh, the link is down :( Any chance it has been reuploaded? Sorry for bothering! 
IAMCHEESE22's avatar
I have to ask, where do I put the file after I download this? Does it also go in the data file or no?
deexie's avatar
Of course, just like any other model. ;)
IAMCHEESE22's avatar
Oh, I see. Thank you kindly! ^_^
LestatTheDamnedone's avatar
Thanks again,wonderful job!!!   :D
Trahtenberg's avatar
Thanks for this pack! Really useful!
ZakkenSebern's avatar
Why does a game called Bloody Good Time have so much bedroom furniture? It's not one of those creepy H-Games is it?
deexie's avatar
Because that's where the action takes place xD among other scenes
lol it's not a H game, it's kind of a funny shooter
Dizzy-XD's avatar
bstylez's avatar
very nice i needed that book shelf...thanks
MindForcet's avatar
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*Yawn* I'm tired. I need some rest. :3 Can you read me a bedtime story, deexie
deexie's avatar
Sure, that's why I'm here for lol
AsukaMinaj's avatar
read me about The Three Bears!! :3
SakuraArgentum's avatar
thx  u very much is very nice ;9
Berserker79's avatar
Still don't know how, but this could be useful! ;) Thanks for sharing! :)
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