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Call me Ishmaheal.
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My best drawing yet

Team Rosethorn! by Deevins, visual art

Shiny Starly

Shiny Starly by Deevins, visual art

Shiny Deino

Shiny Deino by Deevins, visual art

Shiny Alolan Geodude

Shiny Alolan Geodude by Deevins, visual art

Sprigatito is my spirit animal

Pet the Sprigatito by Deevins, visual art

Artist // Student // Traditional Art
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Icon by Deliderp Deliderp, Artwork by ShinyStarKat ShinyStarKat

AT - Deevins!

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Hi, there, welcome to my DA page. My art is... Bad? Good? Decent? I dunno. I'm not the world's greatest artist but I came here to try to strive for improvement with my art as time goes on.

I was also once an avid member of Nintendo's now defunct social website Miiverse, as it ended service on November 8th, 2017, so I ended up moving here!

I'm also on Twitter which is a place where you can find more of my art that I may not post here sometimes! Link is down below!

Home of the Insert Title Here and Devin's Stupidly short comic series!

Stuff I draw

Lil' doodles and stuff


Video game Characters

-Mostly Pokemon, but I'm a fan of Parappa, Mario, Sonic, you get the point.

-Depends on which VG character I want to draw. I'll also do requests for VG characters If I get any.

Oh yeah, feel free to send me requests, but don't send too many. I don't want to overwhelm myself!

Constructive Criticism is also appreciated. I know this will help me Improve my art skills. Please don't send me anything too harsh, I'm well aware that my art isn't good. Just tell me some minor details I may have missed and I'll take your word.

Anyways, that's it about me, be on the lookout for more art!

Minccino is Happy

Close Friends/Artists you should go watch:

ThatGuyPenn ToonStuff69 Leafoe278 ShinyStarKat CluelessDanny BlackSkirtTetra FenMeme Deliderp KalvinFoxx TenshiFoxx CharizardtheArtistPantherKing239 Dyshtrack JustinRoKStar JustAVulpix drawtrash EmilyTheMeowth GhostFalcon642

Progress and Milestones:

3/19/16: First Joined Miiverse!

7/21/17: Hit 200 Followers on Miiverse!

7/21/17: Hit 200 Followers on Miiverse!

9/7/17: Joined DeviantArt as a way to continue posting artwork before Miiverse's shutdown on 11/7/17

1/2/18: Hit 100 Watchers!

7/15/18: Hit 200 Watchers!

October 2018: Hit 250 Watchers!

2/28/19 Hit 300 Watchers!

11/4/20 Hit 400 Watchers!

Favourite Visual Artist
The magical man Bob Ross who paints happy little trees.
Favourite Movies
Back to the Future, Star Wars, Little Shop of Horrors, Fight Club, and more.
Favourite TV Shows
Gravity Falls. Wanted to rewatch an old favorite.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
The Beatles, Queen, Cake, They Might Be Giants, DragonForce, Wheezer, The Black Eyed Peas, Weird Al Yankovic, Jean Jacques Perry, & Skrillex.
Favourite Books
Again, too many good books to count, but I do love novels with visuals and comics!
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Kirby, Mario, Sonic, Parappa the Rapper, and a lot more!
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo 3DS, Switch
Well would you look at that. Half a decade has passed since I created this account, huh? I wanted to get this journal out on the 7th, but it's now the 9th (10th since its past midnight) and at this point, I'm not surprised I'm celebrating occasions days or even weeks late. It's always been a bad habit mine of doing that. Anyways, I was a 15 year old sophomore trying to enjoy his free time back then, and now I'm a 20 year old college student who has very little free time. I still remember the last weeks of miiverse trying to tell what little following I had to find this account, and for the most part, I have kept in touch with most of my miiverse friends since the site shut down. Some, I've slowly drifted away from and treat them as mutuals and sadly I've lost about touch with about 2 or 3 people, mainly due to eclipse being on the horizon. I'm not upset that they're gone or anything, sometimes friendships can end abruptly when you least expect them too. Some people just stop
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oh no the balloons are back and they're here to remind me that I'm 20 now
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Wow, 133 notifications. Haven't seen that in a while.
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Thanks for the Journal Fav:D

I always appreciate the favorites! Thank you! :D

appreciate all the favs again ^^ much appreciated

Thanks for the fav on my free pokeball crochet pattern! You're a good eggo, forever and always :D:la: