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Okay Chaps and Chapettes!

Time for a Heavy Metal competition only for DeviantART.

For those of you who check in here regularly you may know I'm in the middle of putting together a special issue of HEAVY METAL that will go on sale at San Diego Comic-con.  This will be the second year in a row I've put that particular issue together, last year with Stanley Lau Artgerm and the whole Imaginary Friends Studio team of creators. imaginaryfs.deviantart.com/

This year with many more DA's like Dave Wilkins dave-wilkins.deviantart.com/ Tom Raney tomraney.deviantart.com/ Sami Basri sami-b.deviantart.com/ Barnaby Bagus takrezz.deviantart.com/ Jessica Kholinne faysea.deviantart.com/ Dave Dorman davedorman.deviantart.com/ Toby Cypress tcypress.deviantart.com/ Garrie Gastonny thegerjoos.deviantart.com/ Sakti Yuwono saktiisback.deviantart.com/ and we'll have three different covers.

Cover 1 by Kendrick Lim of Imaginary Friends Studios kunkka.deviantart.com/

Cover 2 by Sami Basri and Jessica Kholinne

And cover 3 will be a surprise collaboration between Artgerm and Jim Steranko!


That leaves us with a problem...  We have 3 FRONT covers to these three editions but we need 3 BACK covers.

Know anyone that could help?


Yeah, I'm looking at you!

We need three pieces of artwork from three different artists one for each of the three different editions that are going to press at the end of May.

This is a real chance to show off those mad skills you got.  For those of you familiar with Heavy Metal you should have a good idea of what would go down well with that audience.  For those that don't, it's monsters with babes, robots with babes, babes with babes, good babes, bad babes, get the idea?  Open to see cosplay photography as well as artwork submissions.

Unfortunately Heavy Metal magazine is an adult/mature readers magazine so I will have to limit contributions to those of you over the age of 18.  Don't worry I have a competition for everyone coming soon.

The printed size of the magazine is 8 inches by 11.  The winning files will need to have an extra quarter inch all around and be at least 300 DPI (450 DPI would be preferable).  Winners get 50 copies each of the magazine with their artwork on to give (or sell) to family and friends.  The magazine will be heavily promoted and sold at San Diego Comic-con.

The artwork will remain your copyright and we'll also have your DA url on it so people can find you.

I know it's short notice but I need to see the artwork by May 18th and then the winners will be chosen by Artgerm artgerm.deviantart.com/ , Kevin Eastman kevineastman.deviantart.com/ and myself then announced May 25th.

This competition is only open to artists on DeviantART and links to entries must be posted in the comment thread below, no emails, no private notes, all here baby!

This will be a blast!
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Sensual coverLove 

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well i just read this super late. I love the first cover art! Great competition.
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Thanks, I hope to repeat it next year if they'll let me!
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Okay Guys!!

This was a tough one but we finally selected our three winners.

First I was to give special thanks to Kevin Eastman [link] owner of Heavy Metal for not only letting me do this in the first place but agreeing to help judge it and also to Stanley Artgerm Lau [link] for stepping in to do one of the front covers and also helping with the judging.

The winners (in no particular order) are;

Gambear1er: [link]
Michalivan: [link]
Egypturnash: [link]

Three very different pieces that all embody the last spirit and diversity that is Heavy Metal!

I really want to thank everyone for taking part and hope we can do this again soon. I've already spoken to Kevin about running some of the other pieces in later issues of Heavy Metal so we'll hopefully be in touch soon.

This is proof once again that DeviantART is the place to be!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

Yours sincerely and gratefully,

- Dave
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You've picked a great set of winners there, all very deserving. :thumbsup: I'm particularly glad that the Toy Spider image was a winner! :la:
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Glad you liked that one. I really wanted three different pieces to show both the variety that should be in Heavy Metal magazine and at the same time show their readers the variety of art that can be found here on DA.
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I have to say that I was surprised that some entries didn't make the cut, but I don't disagree with any of the images you did pick; they all have merits that make them worthy of adorning the back covers. :nod:
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Unfortunately there were only 3 pieces I could pick and would have been happy to pick more if it were possible. I also wanted to show variety, something that DA isn't short of.
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Cool stuff, congratulations, and thanx for the competition.
yup, congrats guys :)
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Congrats to them, i had a funny feeling about Michalivan being one.
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great choices :-) congrats to the winners.
there were really a lot of great entries :-)
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Congrats to the winners!
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I'm curious have the winners already been selected?
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I'm doing it right now. This has been a really tough choice. Should be able to announce the winners tomorrow.
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Good luck everyone, I was looking at the other submissions, lots of beautiful work.
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Same here, there was a lot of added deviant watches because of the submissions.
InkFable's avatar
I am twiddling my thumbs, waiting to hear
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I know I missed the deadline by a few hours, but still felt like sharing my submission :thumb303195884:

Thanks for the challenge!
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OKAY!!! Competition is officially closed!!!

But if you missed this one it's not too late to enter this one...


Trip to San Diego Comic-con? Hell yeah!!

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One more for good measure:[link]
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Well as I'm in the UK right now, the 18th officially ends in 5 minutes, but that's not fair, so we'll cut it off when I wake up in the morning!!

Many, many, MANY thanks for taking part and get those last entries in over the next 6 hours...

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