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Suydam Aladdin 2



This is the second ALADDIN cover by ARTHUR SUYDAM. This is in Maugrah's attempt to steal the lamp. In my original version the woman was to be Aladdin's mother, Scheherazade. Scheherazade was the teller of the Arabian Nights stories so the king wouldn't kill her. This story would take place after that. In my version the king let her live and wanted to marry her but she asked to be released instead. He thought that if she kept her long enough she would learn to love him but that wasn't the case. One day he was visited by an adventurer from another part of the world who also fell for the beautiful woman and rescued her. While they had a brief romance she wanted to return to her home in Shamballah.

Her rescuer was none other than Aladdin's friend and mentor to be, SINBAD.

Here Aladdin cuts off Maugrah's arm which reveals the black cancer throughout his body that the magic has created. Killing his body but also keeping him alive.

Artwork © Radical Studios
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