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portrait of Charles Darwin


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This is a personnal tribute. I started studying more about Charles Darwin carreer and impact on science while reading "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins. Good book. So, I wanted to paint a portrait, using many species as brushes, ordering them in pseudo branching... and I failed to be consistent or exact about branching and decided to fall into more a sort of symbolic branching. Art have this advantage to keep a part of poetry.
Still, the task was hard, and a real puzzle game with many rules of color values and colors temperature to respect to keep contributing to the global portrait. Certainly better could be made but I decided to stop detailing it or fixing it. I didn't want to start loosing energy of stokes and first intention.
Note : It ended to a familiar rendering like the famous portraits of Giuseppe Arcimboldo ( I loved those portrait in my childhood, not really now, maybe they came back unconsciously ).

"I love fools' experiments. I am always making them."
- Charles Darwin

Painted with Krita 2.7-Pre-alpha (in developpement) on Linux Mint KDE 13. :tux:

Charles Darwin on Wikipedia : [link]

Licensed under a CC-By-Nc-Nd : Reposting and usage of the artwork is free, allowed and encouraged, providing credits "Artwork :" but any usage of the artwork for commercial purposes or manipulations, derivations are strictly prohibited. Full license : [link] For commercial usage contact me.
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This painting is amazing. It's hanging on my wall.