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fan-art Boromir 'Lotr'

A a personnal fan-art speed-painting ( 2h30 , full Krita 2.4 beta ) descripting a character inspired from the depiction of 'Boromir' , a fictive character created by Tolkien in the famous and classic book trilogy fantasy 'The Lord of the Ring' (Lotr ). The recent cinema adaptation didn't give justice to this character in my opinion ; the actor wasn't really 'like' the description of Tolkien. So, I tryed to make 'mine'.

It's also done to help the maintainer of the Lotr Wikipedia team, given as a donation to open-source community :
( Link on Wikimedia CC-By : ( full res hosted ) : [link] ) ( more infos for helping on the full version of this article )

more infos if you want to also contribute :
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Looks like trevor belmont from castlevania curse of darkness
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i love this!!!!! this is the first art i've seen of him looking like he was described in the book and it gives life to my soul
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A great take on the character. He looks very youthful here, I don't see that often. :) He reminds me of Karina Chmiel's version distantly. I like the coloring here; very vibrant and lifelike in the gleaming parts.
Love the fact people still uses their imagination instead carbon copying the characters from the film.

All the best,
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Very interesting version of Boromir! He looks so mysterious=)
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I love to see artwork based off the original characters, not the actors who portrayed them. Very nice!
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Wow, this is really great :)
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Wow! You made him look a bit young, but anyway; it looks great! :D
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the texture looks awesome, great work!!:)
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well, I personally liked the casting...but nonetheless, this is seriously awesome :D insta-fav!
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