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January 1, 2012
Yin Yang of World Hunger by ~Deevad Also suggested by *Ev-sta ~ Click on The Hunger Site every day to help provide food for the hungry. Each click is free as the site is sponsored. Read News on Hunger on Bread for the
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Suggested by TommyGK
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Yin Yang of World Hunger

Enough food is produced in the world today to feed everyone, but it's not the case... That's the best way to see the total failure of our actual human societies ...

This is what I tried to represent in this picture.

What can we do? We can help associations like the World Food Programme: .

Mypaint, Gimp-painter on Linux Mint.
( I did this artwork a year ago, but I post it here now to complete my portfolio on D.A ; more to come soon. )

UPDATE : Making off on my blog , here…
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You have stimulated much thought and discussion with your wonderful artwork. This painting also represents to me the sad truth that almost all human societies contain those who have so much ,and are usually willing to do anything to keep it, and those who have so little who can do little else than suffer. I appreciate your efforts as an activist.
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Ironically white farmers are being targetted with land grabs, murder and other demonstrable acts in South Africa. Which as other regions have shown will likely only result in a greater reduction of available food supplies. Complex situations indeed. nice picture though very well realized and provokes thought.
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I was going to do a joke but i admit its horrible.... heck another problem is that the food we make ain’t organic (my dad was watching about food in other countries and how they see it bad because its all non organic). Thanks for putting this message out their
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Unfortunately awesome!
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This is why I think there shouldn't be any anti-fat-shaming movements at all. Fat shaming is good, its intent is to make people finally get a healthy weight and there's nothing wrong with that. Awfully overweight lazy people should look at the rest of the world, which I assume they don't, because they're busy gorging themself and looking for excuses to make it morally right. It's disgusting.

It's also disgusting to see how most countries which have overweight people are the same ones that throw away the most food. I've seen it get thrown away in person. Bread, fresh milk (when too much is produced, they throw some away so they can get the price up), flour, fruit and vegetables that aren't in "perfect" form and shape but are still edible,... what the fuck. Food is food.

I also fucking hate to see rice being thrown around at weddings because that's literally throwing away food too. Or they make kids in kindergarten glue macaroni together to make a frame for a picture. We are so fucking rich, we made it culturally acceptable to waste food for shits and giggles. While others would start crying happily for getting a single loaf of bread. Or simply drinking water that doesn't make them sick.

Luckily I heard that in France, there are at least laws for gorcery stores and similar to donate their left-over/unbought food instead of throwing it away. It's a small yet important step to get to a better direction.

Anyway, thanks for this artwork. It speaks words to remember every day! :heart: It deserves the Daily Deviation.
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i dont believe in "fat activism" but body shaming is shit! you aren't the person's doctor, and doctor's don't even bodyshame you, they give you advice. especially because you don't know if that person has a condition (but being nosy is shit either way). it's more likely to cause eating disorders to bully and mock someone than promote "health". often people who are anorexic do so because they are convinced they are always too fat. this is often a result of bullying and fat shaming, it's basic knowledge. please do not go around calling people fatass lard planet slobs because it is not going to help them. people already don't like being fat. someone mocking them under the guise of "compassion" isnt gonna change shit. and if someone is proud of being fat, who gives a shit. if you aren't a doctor, a friend or a family member, it's none of your business. bodyshaming is always bad.

i do agree with wasting food being shitty though, partly because it is shitty and partly because i have actual ocd that makes the thought of any food being wasting highly disturbing.
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I don't actively go out bullying fat people, I only find it a shame when they are overweight. I also find eating disorders in general a shame. I knew a 16 year old anorexic person that was below 25 kg/55 pounds. She was very close to death. That is nothing to be proud of either. It's an awful problem.

My mother has been overweight for many years to the point that her legs are breaking. She can't run anymore and only walks very slowly. She's the kind of fat person that didn't bother to do anything about it because "What's wrong with being a little fat, I'm perfect just the way I am!" She didn't have any medical problem, she was just lazy. That, I find a shame too. You shouldn't be proud of being unhealthy. That's why I'm against fat-pride, which makes me pro fat-shaming. I'm also against anorexia-pride, and people who are anorexia-proud will hate me for that.

Sorry if my comment sounded misleading, I admit I was angry when I wrote it.
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i think fat pride is stupid because identity pride really only makes sense when you're an oppressed group who has to deal with digging your way out of oppression, and being proud you did. but fat shaming is bullying and mocking fat people. you either support it or you dont, that's literally what body shaming is. pro-body shaming is pro bullying. it's simple to understand
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Then what is it called when I'm against unhealthy body weights?
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asdfg a normal person??? just dont call yourself pro body shaming people will understandable be mad even if its a misunderstanding 
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"I'm against unhealthy weights such as yours."
"Why? I'm proud of my weight!"
"Because I'm a 'normal person'. You're not a normal person."

Not sure if this will make people who are proud of their unhealthy weight any less mad.
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that's not what I meant at all but that fake conversation is pretty funny. just leave people alone. if someone doesn't care about their lack of health, it really isn't your deal. just call yourself pro health or something. normal person was pretty much a joke.
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Unfortunately, multiple countries (including any one of those you could be depicting as a fat white guy in this picture) have been sending billions of dollars in both aid, supplies, volunteers, teachers, and technology (like mills, water cleaning devices, etc) in an effort to help countries in places like Africa for a long, LONG time--and yet no change has happened in the past century. In fact:

Top 5 Countries Labeled "Most Generous" in 2015 (based on government foreign aid and not including individual donations from everyday people):
1. United States (over $30.76+ billion)
2. Germany ($20.85+ billion)
3. UK ($19.92 billion)
4. France ($10.9 billion)
5. Japan ($10.4 billion)
(followed closely by Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, and Canada)

While I can't speak for the other countries, in 2015 individual Americans, companies, and foundations outside the government aid also gave about $373.25 billion to various charities in and outside the United States.

It is a cruel stereotype to see your own people shown as fat, greedy, ignorant, rich, selfish slobs when you live in a society that is ALWAYS thinking about other people--how to feed them, how to clothe them, how to help them after disaster, how to not offend them, how to comfort them, etc. I've grown up around people who I've seen give even when they have little to give--far from being rich.
My family was laid off a few times when I was a kid because of hard times, and my father came from a dirt poor family that could see chickens running under the house through the floorboards. He had to drop out of school and work on a tobacco farm to help feed his mother and five siblings. The people I know are hard working. They wake up before dawn, go to work, come home exhausted, and don't have pockets full of cash--but they still give when they see a cause. I think that's true for most normal people in all the countries stereotyped as "1st world" countries by the modern media. It's not really fair to show a big, fat white guy eating pizza with a TV remote and staring at the starving man with contempt as illustrating the main problem as to why Africans (I assume based on the illustration) are poverty stricken.

The reason why Africa and other starving countries are they way they are, as sad as it is to say, is because of their governments. What's happening with those trillions of dollars multiple countries across the world have been pouring into developing countries over the past decades? In fact, people have been trying to get Africa developed for centuries with no luck--despite the fact that Africa is RICH in both land and resources beyond imagine. It's their governing systems. These poverty stricken countries are some of the most oppressed and corrupt countries in the world. They take the food from their own people's mouths. A poll in 2016 given to various people across Africa showed that 58% of Africans say that corruption within their country is getting worse. Their nations center on bribes--meaning police officers are paid to ignore crimes (including rape), or people paying bribe money just to have access to basic supplies they need to survive that are otherwise withheld from them. In 2014, 75 million people across Africa paid bribes (to give you an idea of how many people that is--that's equivalent to 1/4 of the American population). In addition to this, modern slavery (forced labor, selling children, sex trade, and ritual slavery) is still very much a problem in Africa as it has always been--even in countries that claim to have ended slavery. These problems don't even include the growing number of violent, mass murdering terrorist groups who are intent on preventing girls from going to school and subjugating entire villages and regions to convert religions and obey their laws or die.

It's their corrupt governments and rampant terrorist groups that unfortunately grip their societies and cause their people to live in abject poverty and fear. It's this that robs them of basic human rights like food, medicine, education, and prosperity. I'm not saying that we should stop giving them aid. However, we do need to STOP saying that all the problems in the world are due to other countries' successes. Harmful stereotypes like that only make the problem worse and divert everyone's attention from finding a real solution--thus dooming those who are suffering to continue living in the same, or worsening, conditions.
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Its a good picture but as to the message behind it. Well don't you think its a little odd to be blaming other people's success for the failures of others? I just got done with a second run through of the Balkans and I've wandered in and out of Ukraine for a few years, I've tripped through Europe, why is it that everyone manages to feed themselves except for those people. And I'm going to assume this is an African problem because the guy's black and typically famine is something that you only here about occurring in warzones and Africa. And correct me if I'm wrong on that account maybe that's not what you meant exactly. But it seems pathological to criticize a distribution system that's in its various permutation has been adopted worldwide for millennia.  That the people are being exploited doesnt make sense either because many countries are exploited and bullied but for all the conflicts of national interests, all the entanglements there, they still manage to provide this basic function. Doesnt it make more sense that there is something wrong with the suffering countries as opposed to the world. Put another way if you have a group of relatively normal people who all dislike one person, which is more likely to be the case, that the group dislikes the individual without cause or that theres something wrong with the individual?
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There is definitely a lot wrong with the world.
Also, it doesn't matter what is most likely.
What is more likely is not equal to what is true in each context.
Every case must be considered individually.
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This is the deepest piece of artwork I've seen in a lifetime. Absolutely beautiful.
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This is deep. Really deep
That's what's amazing about this picture.
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