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Water-Dragons cooking place

( Full view recommended, click on it twice to full zoom to see textures )

Another personal 'advanced' test to explore the new texture abilities of Krita 2.7 pre-alpha ( dev) on :tux:
I started it out of a chaos of values as I'm used to do when I want to play with my imagination ( thanks to the Experimental tool + displacement in Krita , I even don't switch to Al.chemy anymore ) and I also wanted to make a big panorama view , as in epic concept-art of old Final Fantasy. ( one of my 'forever' inspiration )
I ended with an open restaurant on the streets where you can obviously eat water-dragon or dragon-fish. A bit cheesy, a melting pot of random design ... a test with crushed blacks and saturated colors ... Bleee. Well, I'm not really happy about the result, thats why I didn't really polished it, but surprisingly I learned a lot on the process. Time for the next one.

Note: [link] to my textures preset so far.
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Wow, beautiful, so many colors, so many things to look at!
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This is Amazing. The colors are bright and cheerful but not too over bright. The detail of the backgrounds, and the light reflecting through the water of the dragons tank are jaw droppingly great. Seriously, this piece makes my heart smile.
SnowChild6's avatar
I love this; the colour mixing is great. I'm no painter, but the way it goes from blue to a green garden on the other side is wondrous.
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I wanna LIVE here
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This is one of your most populated pictures yet, at least from your "own world" (some works, like that piece on Alice in Wonderland, obviously have more going on in them but those usually are not entirely your own ideas)

I like it.
Though, yeah, it is kinda stitched together, from blue, to "lively" with lots of browns to green. Very obvious transitions.
Even so, great work! I told you before already that I'd love to see more such bigger-scoped motifs that show bigger glimpses of "your world" :)
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The idea of eating dragons...
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absolutely gorgeous!! i love the transition of the color spectrum. by your example, krita sounds like a program i dont want to miss!! ill have to take a look at it. anyway, great work! :>
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I really like these "slice-of-life" fantasy images - depicting the normal daily life of a fantasy world. Most often all you see are epic fights or impressive vistas ... sometime the people are just gonna have ordinary days as well!

Really nice image with lots of details to look at. Clever range of colours from left to right. If I may offer some slight critique it is that feel the contrast between the yellow and green on the right is a tad too extreme - it's hard to imagine that green light really infuences the foreground that much.

At first glance I thought the elf girl was a blacksmith hammering on a sword. I like the fact that she's working in a fantasy restaurant a lot more though, as said you don't often get to see stuff like that in a fantasy image. All the characters exist naturally in the scene, everyone has a purpose and you can picture them to have a goal and a back story. Great stuff!

(on a side note, I'm just (finally) trying out Krita 2.7 pre-alpha more thoroughly. It's a lot faster and more stable on my machine than previous versions have been - promising. I'm also testing and experimenting with your v2 brush kit, thanks for that. :) )
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I really like the color spectrum too from blue & purple in the left to red & orange in the middle to green in the right.
icedragonenflamed's avatar
Oh my, I really love this :icondragonhugplz:
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I like to imagine that somewhere hidden in this image is Anthony Bourdain, staring blankly into the horizon. And then he has some of that dragonfish 'cause that looks delicious.

I wish I was theeere.
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Like the atmosphere of that picture, feels like I'm there
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Love your use of color. I found my way here from your article on ergonomics of tablets and had to check out your work. Very nice.
Deevad's avatar
Oh thanks ! I have project to update this article in a near future, at least before June for sure. Since this time I had more tablets, tested ergotron arm for Cintiq deeply, also had pad and phone with stylus. So much to add :)
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It's really interesting how you use different colour for different side of the canvas. The left side is blue, then white, brown, and finally green. I like it. It gives different feeling for different part of the canvas.
EvaRusso's avatar
I like the concept and the colors. Very nice!
MartinCi's avatar
nice color transition from right to left

I like the idea c;
reynante's avatar
This is very masterful, David!

Steven-Powers-SMP's avatar

I haven't been keeping up with all the new changes in Krita but you mention "thanks to the Experimental tool + displacement in Krita , I even don't switch to Al.chemy anymore", does this mean that Krita offers the same type of effects (pull shapes etc)?

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Good painting, i like the compo and Colors. big loose strokes and detail in some parts. where does it came from the green light? closed restaurant? :D
inspirational as always.
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I like really your imagination. You have not only skill but creativity aswell! :)
I'm on Ubuntu and have the neon project with Krita 2.7 aswell as 2.5.3 stable.
Do you experience that 2.7 Krita is more buggy and slower than 2.5.3 too? Or is it because I use Ubuntu and not Kubuntu?

(I'm using your brushkit and all your good stuff! :) Looking up to you and please make more youtube (speedpainting) videos with such music like the one by Owl Princess! It's great at this time for sleeeppzzZzZzz :) )
ladyburrfoot's avatar
wow look at all the detail! fantastic work!
leonel-guido's avatar
Awesome illustration!!
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