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Here is my contribution for the open project Ancientbeast [link] : " a 2D turn based strategy game played online against other people, featuring a wide variery of items and creatures to aquire and put to good use in order to defeat your opponents. Ancient Beast is free, open source and developed by Freezing Moon (and community) ". ( information from website ). Done with Krita.

If you want to create a new art for the project or contribute, contact the project leader "Dread Knight" via the chat proposed on the website ( chat section ), he already have tons of ideas and concept ready. You can also check the gallery .

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Attribution : Ancient Beast ( ) , from an original concept of Katarzyna Zalecka , aka Kasia88 ( [link] ) , artwork : David Revoy
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Impressive. Hadn't heard of Ancient Beast before but looking forward to checking it out.
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There's so much power and action here, it's astounding!
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First of all - the work is simply amazing.
I would like to use it "as is" in our online card game project - it's non-commercial but not open-source project (maybe commercial in future). I know that's ok with CC license as long as I won't modify the image itself (the game and cards are not under CC license) and of course I will notice you as the author (on the side of card as well as on the website). But my question is, if it's ok with you? I don't want to make it against the author, even when license agree.

Also, if you would like to know more about our game, I will be more than happy to share information with you :)
Once again amazing art.
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Thanks ! Yes, feel free to use this one ; you can find my other open artworks on this page :…
:-) Thanks to give news of the future evolution of your project !
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I'm blown away. Amazing. :) 
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SO awesome! Is this Vulcan as in the Roman equivalent of Hephaestus?
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Thx ; it can. But it was simply designed as a monster on the 'volcano' theme for Ancientbeast.
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this is awesome - makes me want to jump back in and model it
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:) don't hesitate, the CC-By-Sa license agree to it, as long as you quote original author ( + you ) and reshare the result as the same license.
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Encore une autre toile superbe, David! :D J'aime surtout les petits détails enflammés sur Vulcain - ça me rappelle le Balrog dans "The Lord of the Rings" :nod: Un insta-fav!
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That's great sir ;)
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What a powerful and "hot" monster, here!
"Cool" texturing! I'm not joking with the words, it's a great piece! ^^
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That is just AWESOME! Love it!
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I'm not that good with Krita,

But rest assured, I have the site bookmarked.

Carry on sir, you do VERY well. :D
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Just occurred to me what it looks like! Mt. Doom made into a living character! :D
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Awesome work Deevad! Menacing and dramatic! The Ancient Beast team really seem to be getting some great artwork together right now. This will make an amazing adition.
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Well, that looks... yeah, I'd run away from that. o.o
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Looks like the pyrovile from Dr. Who.
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I was thinking the same thing :XD:
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Amazing as always.
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Great atmosphere and details, love it !
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