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This is great! Their facial expressions are so cute! :)
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LOL. Love it! And it never hurts to RTFM!
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A printout now hangs in my office for inspiration ;) \o/
Great work!
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See, this just goes to show the importance of good documentation. ;)

I'm afraid I don't have too much substantive to say about the art itself. I guess I could mention that since we seem to be looking at the girl head-on instead of from below, the horizon line is in the wrong place, but that doesn't look like a mistake so much as a deliberate break from technically-correct perspective to get her framed against the sky instead of competing with the scenery. It was the right choice, I think.

It's a gorgeous painting, at any rate. The light and color, the expressions, the level of detail, the concept... everything's great.
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Uhoh! :giggle: This is very cute.
Great job! :+fav: :heart:
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suele pasar...
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:aww: I love these guys.
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More of your awesomeness like always, David. Love it!
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I like how her hat stays firmly planted despite the downward velocity. :)
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Some black-magic happening  ;-)
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This is hilarious and gorgeously executed. A story told with small means. Worth a fave! Bravo!
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Heh... a bit late, perhaps?  I like her expression as well as the whole picture here.
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Perhaps she had a malfunction in flight and needs to know if its user error or the thing's no good. But a bit late indeed. :)
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Owww.... Nice art!

Krita or MyPaint?
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soooo sweet!!!
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Well it looks like this witch is starting some training.
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hehe, sort of yes.
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Such a great idea!! :)
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