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Timelapse Lezard

By Deevad
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This picture is the result from a video timelapse I made in 2009 ( 2 years ago ) on internet as a proof of concept - A demo of my chaotic technic with the FLOSS Alchemy, a demo of my ability to do digital painting with 100% Free and Libre open source software on Linux, and also the ability to do the video editing and publishing with a 100% Floss workflow.

The picture and the video are in the Creative-Commons 'By' attribution. Witch mean you can do what you want with it as long as you attribute the original picture to me.

On deviant art, I place the full-res ; 3141 x1959 px ; enjoy !

Video tutorial ( vimeo ) and more info on a dedicated page on my blog : [link]
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100 % oss also :) blender/manderbulber2/gimp/agave...
your work is impressive !!
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These images are incredible. Awesome work Deevad!
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I like that lizard, a lot.
T-E-R-R-A-B-Y-T-E's avatar
have you seen the 3d model someone made of this?…
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yes, thanks for the link. The author of the 3D model even sent me a personnal message about it :)
T-E-R-R-A-B-Y-T-E's avatar
Cool! :D
Awesome work BTW :3.
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The character looks a tad similar to Sintel. Any relation?
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Indeed, there is a relation : this piece is also one of early concept-art during the Sintel preproduction period ( and you can see on it 3 key early elements : Girl + Red hair + Dragon ) :-)
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I had a feeling it was. I was given a whole bunch of Blender Foundation DVDs for Christmas last year, including Chaos and Evolutions (my favourite so far). I was just wondering, how did you learn this speedpainting business - and any tips for a beginner?
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Thx for Chaos&Evolutions !
About speedpainting, I think it's just normal painting workflow done in a dirty way to burn 'cleaning' steps; so you just have to do normal painting, and try to minimise the number of brush strokes , and keep painting more straightforward. For sure, best speedpainters are usually very very good 'normal' painters . i'm still learning a lot about it.
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Just awesome with these Details. I really love the Hair of this Dragon-Beast-thing :D
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Omg the details O_O


Me wants the tiny dragon.
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juste énorme.
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Really reminds of that short movie Sintel, The Girl is Sintel and the Dragon is Scales
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;-) it was one of the first pre-production artwork when I did the art-direction of Sintel ; cool !
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oh nice! Sintel is such a good (yet sad) film!
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Your work is covered in Awesome Sauce!
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Oh thanks for the poetic and nice word :) that sound tasty ^ ^
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That's with MYPAINT???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yes, and more exactly an old version of Mypaint, I think I used Mypaint 0.6portnov branch in this artwork. Mypaint 1.0 now is way more better. :)
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Wow, respect, I love it :love:
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