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The wish


The new episode is now online ! Thanks everyone for your support and for the discussions and feedback this month. Also a big thanks to the translation team ( English |Español |Français |Nederlands |Pусский |日本語 ) for 6 available translations at release time; they made an amazing work in a very short time. I hope you'll enjoy this new episode :3 LINK on official website for better resolution and translations :…

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The fairy's have a very beautiful cave!
AAGGRESSS's avatar
too cute! It burns!
Varflock's avatar
Fairy cave reminds me of The Legend of Zelda.
jkemeny's avatar
Love your use of backgrounds... they are beautiful!
Shira-Cat's avatar
I think I've fainted. Oh, Carrot...:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
silly kitty!
next time wish for a comfy bed!
Phisatis's avatar
J'adore ! Vraiment très drôle comme chute ! :D (Big Grin) 
glowworm56's avatar
That was adorable.
ilaaaria's avatar
Really funny! X'D
Carrot knows what he wants in his life... :lol: 
sanmyh's avatar
hahahahah really funny! good job, very good work you have here. I loved it! :)
TernadoG's avatar
Someone played a lot of Legend of Zelda.
I-Am-Madbat's avatar
Hey, sometimes nothing beats a good nap!
Deevad's avatar
I totally agree :D
vt2000's avatar
Awesome! I Love your artwork and comic too!and one question, how I download the brush kit V 6 into Krita? I try to but it is unsuccessful!
Deevad's avatar
Thank you ! Check the main blog post for the V6 brushes , I made a video and in the video I explain how to install it :… ; good luck!
Emoboy777's avatar
Your works always makes me happy :D
Louyetu's avatar
Hé hé ! Génial ! 
Deevad's avatar
Merci merci :)
MilieLitre's avatar
Your artwork is incredible! It always makes me happy =)
Deevad's avatar
Thank you for the feedback !
Artmageddone's avatar
Any inspiration from Zelda for the Fairy :)?
Deevad's avatar
A totally assumed cameo-like appearance :)
Artmageddone's avatar
I use it a lot too ^^
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