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The Potion Contest

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A new webcomic episode of Pepper&Carrot !
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PaintFeathersProfessional Filmographer
It would be startling to wake up and see your bed flying in the air.
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CherryxBendyHobbyist General Artist
Cats pee sample? Who even keeps that sort of stuff?
ThatWasNiceAndAll's avatar
Oversized-posh-zombie-canary is not a list of words I thought I'd ever see in my life go into one thing, but that's what the internet is for, I guess.
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Griatch-artHobbyist Digital Artist
I was genuinely curious of where this would go! The 'potion of poshness' was hilarious, as was the expression on the bird's face when it head off. I must say I like the depictions you make of Pepper in different circumstances and more unusual expressions, like when she wakes up at the start of this episode; the subtle variations of her face helps to establish her character I think. Well done.
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KNIGHTthroughTIMEStudent Digital Artist
If all of the girls are named for spices, does that make them 'The Spice Girls'?

Sorry. Bad pun.
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VarflockHobbyist Digital Artist
That was actually quite good.
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KNIGHTthroughTIMEStudent Digital Artist
Thank you.
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love the art and the story. Thank you for doing it
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the-kawaii-carrotHobbyist General Artist
Haha, nice. I like how everyone's named after spices.
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Shira-CatStudent Traditional Artist
Great work!Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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potion of reek is successful!
all enemies flee the battle!
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This is amazing and adorable--especially Carrot flying the bed and the revelation of Pepper's special "potion."
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and me being the giant weeb that I am is disappointed I couldn't see that fox's tail...or count how many it had. ;v

I like this ending though, poor kids should always trump rich ones >:3
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DeevadProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you :)
Yuzu the little fox of Schichimi has only 2 tails ( he is still young ) ; you can see him in a previous concept-art I made… ( a bit outdated, I changed design a bit for them ).
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I like both designs, but think I'd enjoy seeing those two crop up in future comic strips as well. ;3
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So good ,so sick. I love it!
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gokuschichi4818Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pepper and Carrot for the win! Wonderful comic/mini story as always.
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I love Pepper & Carrot and I really love your drawing style!! :)
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very nice story and funny characters.
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ShariEl-AmirHobbyist Writer
Just brilliant. You have a funny engaging style and a way to tell stories. Keep up with it.
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ExtremRaymProfessional General Artist
Excellent :D Funny and well executed !
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DeevadProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks :)
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hahahahahha you're really creative and have a great drawing and coloring! I loved it! ;)
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DeevadProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you !
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