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September 21, 2015
Summer Special by Deevad
Featured by Moonbeam13
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Summer Special

  Hi dear deviant-friends !
The new episode , the 10th, is now online, well , if you read this line you probably already read it , thank you ! I wanted to draw and paint a story at the sea-side for summer, with sun light, vibrant colors, happy little clouds, and scenes underwater or at the limit of the surface of the sea and play with the "inside" and the "outside" a lot. The episode ending is a reference to the french proverbial sentence " L'union fait la force" ( probably the similar one in English can be : 'United we stand, divided we fall' ) and reflect a feeling I have thank to all your support and comments ( shame on me, I don't have time to answer each one, but I enjoy reading each one of them, be sure! I'll probably dive in previous episode to answer the questions and reply ). Thanks to be around episode after episode , it's already episode 10 . Thank you !

✶ Official website for better resolution :…

✶ A bit of Making of ? check…

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Hopefully they can get rid of that fish once and for all someday.
GearArcana-No37's avatar
I really like your comic! I hope you will continue to do more! And I love the story! Well done! XD

Naga-Asura's avatar
this was really cute
salyssong's avatar
I love the comic so much I downloaded the picture!

Saw this before?
Kokoriii's avatar
This was beautiful!
I saw it on the krita startup menu.
it's really cool how well you can use the system too!
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Griatch-art's avatar
A most charming entry, as usual. I like how you gradually develop the look of Pepper.
Reddsquirrel's avatar
So cute! Congrats on the DD! :)
Whimsical and Beautiful. It reminds me a bunch of my favorite manga one piece
julian0123's avatar
Incredible comic :D
funny! that fish never knew what hit him!
RmThemy's avatar
great, your colors are perfect, bravo !
Catdruid's avatar
Lol I loved this
spacewolflord's avatar
Most amusing.  Thank you for sharing.
Cary5's avatar
Amazing ideas and amazing carakters
AlvorCat's avatar
Love this girl )
NaejDoree's avatar
The story is classical but the drawing is amazing an so expressive ^^
QuantumCalmness's avatar
Wow... Seems like you've accomplished all your goals here. Nice work! Love the expressiveness of...everything in this story. Thank you for sharing! =)
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Ah! That little crown! I didn't notice it the first time I read through... made me laugh :P
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