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Palette for Krita

Hi! I just posted a new resource to download on my blog: "Krita palettes".
Link to download the bundle and more information :… ).
I created them during my early spring cleaning. I hope this file will help to color your artworks!
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Thank you so much

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Thank you very much for sharing your palette with us! :la: :heart:
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Hi, im sure you wont see this but I have a problem with my krita and was hoping someone here can help as i cant find it online and no one has responded on reddit either ;_; Basically it was all fine and i was painting a pig and then i went away for a break and came back and now for some reason the colours arent coming out as they appear, instead they're like fluorescent , a really light pink comes out as like hot pink and i dont understand why. I tried resetting to defaults but nothing :( Please if anyone knows the answer it would be much appreciated 
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Now it's more convenient, thanks!Clap 
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This is completely awesome, thank you for sharing. :D
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Thanks for the download. Clap 
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How did u do that thats so cool!:happybounce: 
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Do you use Krita for the whole creation? start to finish? :D 
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Good to see you back. :clap:
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beautiful! :D

not sure if its in the download, but is that texture layer the watercolor effect?
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软件* 是叫Krita。是个免费OS软件。
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What site is that
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Can't wait for the next part! ^D^ 💛
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I really like your artwork. It's fantastic.
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Beautiful palette Deevad, as always your contribution is very helpful~
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I will try!!! i am always in trouble with the colors!! :D
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Your art and your comic are amazing. Very refreshing ! Thanks for showing and sharing your palette with us :)
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what program is this?
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