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Making of episode 22 (link in description)

By Deevad
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Hey deviantArt friends.
Many thanks for all the comment on episode 22. I learned a lot of interesting things about "fan-service" :-)
I just posted a blog post with all the details about the step I used to produce episode 22 in Krita / GMIC  / Gimp and Inkscape.

:star: :star: :star: Full making-of here:… :star: :star: :star:

( and CC-By! )
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MetalraptorHobbyist General Artist
Very cool. :D
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WirlogHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm new on all this digital painting and I don't get the reason of steps 4 and 5...
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RetSamysHobbyist General Artist
GMIC is a plugin that basically helps you colouring by adding a differently coloured background to any distinct area in your lineart. Those aren't the colours you need, of course, so in step 5, you're preparing your colour distribution.
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XocoMoonStudent Digital Artist
This is great!!!
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mouseandersonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the tutorial.
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PlumsyberryHobbyist General Artist
best fan-service ever <3
inta fav
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Koimonsters-khaosProfessional Digital Artist
Panel 4- is that for light sources? 
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CherubitProfessional Digital Artist…

also was curious to know so i found it here
Koimonsters-khaos's avatar
Koimonsters-khaosProfessional Digital Artist
Meow :3 
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staremastershyHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome, the colorize filter was just the tool I was looking for. Thank you!
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Ooooh, I had given up on Gmic (B&W Colorize) because the edges started to get really jagged, took too much time fixing minor stuff.  But this smart coloring thing looks really promising, will definitely try it out for next week's page of my comic.

Keep spreading the gospel, dude, I love looking at all these cogs spinning!
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lightmanipHobbyist Digital Artist
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radian1Student Digital Artist
I usually use "paint until it looks good" method :)
Whoa, you do it mostly traditional way? Isn't it kinda slow? I'm impressed anyway.
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Sarosna85Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for this mini-tutorial. I've actually used G'Mic before with good results. If I ever decide to do more digital art then I'll definitely keep this method in mind since I'm not really a fan of drawing digitally. I absolutely love the beautiful style you've achieved here.
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AnySketchesHobbyist Digital Artist
That pretty amazing
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Great! I love seeing the whole process :love:
Btw, thank you for all the support material for Krita! I'm moving from PS to Krita and its being way easier due so many helpful stuff you provide. Hope to be able to contribute to the community in any way soon :)
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DrawnGuyHobbyist General Artist
Uhhh... What's Gmic?
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Vixenkiba General Artist
Loved learning about Gmic, looked it up on google and found your awesome tutorial on it. It looks so handy, I'm definitely going to give it a try! Also, because I don't understand, why was step 5 needed and why didn't you skip directly from 4 to 6? :D
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DeevadProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! Ha, true, I need to explain better the step 5. ; and indeed this one can be skipped.
I wanted on the way to split my area to create a "selection map" to easily pick a color and select element by semantic : all hairs ; all background ; all sky or all special effect. It wasn't very useful at the end ; and direclty color flatting is probably what I'll do on the next project.
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Vixenkiba General Artist
Haha, thanks for explaining! It's interesting to see though, and to learn about your thought process!
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KervalaHobbyist General Artist
C'est vraiment génial :love: Et c'est vrai que les filtres de GMIC sont bien pratiques :love:
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